kim zolciak has worn wigs for as long as she's been a part of the Bravo family. Kim has never hidden the fact that she loves wigs because it allows her to try out different personalities when it comes to looks and fashion choices. She's even revealed that she has names for her wigs and she loves playing around with different styles and different looks.

Her wigs are very important to her as they move around with her all the time no matter what she's doing including photo shoots. They even go on vacations with her.

During the earlier seasons of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Kim was confronted with the fact that she was wearing a wig and fans want to know why she was wearing one.

What started this entire thing? During the reunion special back then, Kim revealed that she had been very sick and she just started to lose some of her hair.

Why is she still wearing wigs after illness?

When Andy Cohen questioned her about the disease, Kim Zolciak revealed that doctors may think that it was cancer. She later cleared up the story, saying that she was not sick with cancer and that she had not undergone chemotherapy, which is why people lose their hair in the first place. But Kim revealed that she didn't want to talk about her illness.

So when Kim Zolciak recently shared a throwback picture of herself with huge hair, people were confused. She shared a picture of herself with her daughter Ariana back when Kim was just 23 years old.

And in that picture, Kim is wearing a huge head of hair and she claims it's all her normal Natural hair.

If this is indeed the case and she did have great hair, why isn't she working on bringing it back rather than wear wigs? It sounds like her losing her hair may just have been a phase and she should be getting back to normal.

Fans think it's time to ditch the wig and enjoy the real hair

At one point in time, Kim did take off a wig during an episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and people were shocked that she truly did have a lot of her own natural hair. Maybe Kim is addicted to the idea of putting on a wig and being someone else for short period of time rather than rocking home gorgeous natural hair.

At times, Kim may even be rocking her own hair and fans have no idea because Real Hair and her wigs actually do look alike.

What do you think about Kim's throwback picture that she shared on Instagram, where she clearly has a full head of hair? Do you think that she should just drop the wigs and start rocking her own look?