Denver Dodd, 25, of Fort Smith, Arkansas was going through some old photos and found a picture of his grandmother, taken in 1967. Stunned by her resemblance to actress Scarlett Johansson, he posted the image of his now 72-year-old grandmother to Reddit on his Denverjoel page, where it instantly went viral. The photo of the doppelganger was eventually seen by Johansson herself, who got extremely excited over it.

Dodd uncovers photo of grandma looking just like Scarlett Johansson

The Huffington Post spoke to Dodd, who told them his grandfather – who is also in the photo – passed away in January.

Feeling nostalgic, the family pulled out some old photos and started going through them. That’s when they came across the photo in question in an old scrapbook. When Dodd found the photo, Geraldine, his grandmother, reportedly burst out laughing, saying she was “drunk as a skunk” when that image was taken.

Dodd couldn’t believe how strongly his grandmother resembled Scarlett Johansson in the image and took a photo of it, posting it to Reddit last week. He also captioned the image to mention Geraldine’s comment about being “drunk as a skunk” at the time.

After the image went viral on the content sharing platform, Johansson heard about it and decided to check the photo out. She was completely stunned by the resemblance and made a video, which she sent to Dodd.

Dodd receives video from Scarlett Johansson inviting grandma to get drunk

Johansson told Dodd in the video that she has been inundated with messages and emails about the resemblance between the grandmother and herself, exclaiming, “Holy crap!” and adding that she wants to meet Geraldine in person.

Mentioning that the grandmother was “drunk as a skunk” when the image was taken, Scarlett said she would love to see Geraldine’s drunk face and to get drunk with her, going on to invite Geraldine for a drink. As noted by Today, Johansson even went on to sweeten the deal by inviting the 72-year-old to the premiere of “Rough Night,” a comedy film about a girls’ night out gone wrong.

Johansson added that Geraldine would be her guest and that they are a bunch of party girls, so it would be the perfect running theme. She said she would cover all Geraldine's costs, adding she would see her at the bar. Her closing words to the grandmother were “Be there or be square.”

Grandmother ‘jaw-dropping dumbfounded’ by invitation

On viewing the video, Dodd instantly updated is Reddit post to say his grandma was “jaw-dropping dumbfounded” on viewing the invitation from Johansson. He added they are definitely taking Scarlett up on the offer.