It was a thing of wonder to see how one of The CW’s drama series, a deconstructive and subversive reimagining of the iconic wholesome and humorous Archie Comics franchise became a hit in its inaugural season. “Riverdale” seemed to hit a lot of popular TV genres and themes framed in the lives and times of a circle of teenage friends and their families in a superficially ordinary suburb with plenty of dark secrets. The network has renewed it for a second season, which started filming last month. But while the series will not be picking up again until this October, some teases for what have been making the rounds in social media.

Social media photo flood

Leave it to the cast themselves to start spilling little drops of what is in store for season 2 of “Riverdale” on The CW. Twitter has seen an upsurge of photos taken on set by the likes of Mädchen Amick and Ashleigh Murray. With the official Archie Comics account, a few pictures of the stars on set appeared, killing time in between takes. Even K.J Apa, Charles Melton (replacing Ross Butler as Reggie Mantle) and Camila Mendes are making splashes of their own, teasing shots of the second season over on Instagram.

Amick, who plays Alice the controlling mother of Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart), is among those who have posted the latest happenings with “Riverdale” by snapping a shot of the two of them in the series-prominent Pop’s Diner set.

Also sharing her group pictures is Murray, who is Josie McCoy of Josie and the Pussycats. Included in her cast reunion photos is new show regular Mark Consuelos, set to debut in the new season as Hiram Lodge, the often mentioned but never seen (until now) father of Veronica (Mendes). Consuelos was accompanied on the set by his wife Kelly Ripa, who judging by her Jughead crown is a fan of the source franchise herself.

From Archie Comics themselves

Archie Comics, which is heavily involved in the production of “Riverdale,” also had their snapshots to show off.

In particular, they have nice group pictures of some of the prominent groupings among the cast of characters. One shows the Andrews mother-son pair of Mary (Molly Ringwald) and series lead Archie (K.J. Apa), accompanied by Forsythe “Jughead” Jones III (Cole Sprouse).

Season 2 of “Riverdale” will have a lot of heavy storyline threads to follow up on, most notably the fate of Archie’s father Fred Andrews (Luke Perry) who was shot in the season finale (though an Archie Comics teaser photo might hint at his survival). The show will return on The CW this coming October 11.