Melissa Rauch, who appears in "The Big Bang Theory" as Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz, announced her pregnancy in a column she wrote for Glamour on Tuesday. After relaying the good news to her fans, the 37-year-old actress recalled a painful memory of losing her first baby after suffering from a Miscarriage.

Rauch admits having mixed feelings about pregnancy

The soon-to-be mom confessed that she "feels weird" to announce her pregnancy to the public. More than that, the female comedian is terrified of what might happen to her baby. This feeling has made her hesitant to share her struggles in conceiving a child for the past years.

But despite her frailties and ordeals, Rauch thought about inspiring other women who are going through fertility issues and those who have lost their little ones to miscarriage. "The Big Bang Theory" alum recalled how she handled the pain of pregnancy loss and how she managed to overcome her sadness for losing her unborn child.

She described her pregnancy loss as "one of the most profound sorrows" she has ever experienced and felt in her entire life. Rauch even confessed that she fell into depression after the death of her unborn child.

The TV actress said she could even remember the image of her lifeless baby on the ultrasound monitor until now. Rauch went on with her life but admitted that the pain of losing a child has never left her.

"I kept waiting for the sadness to lift... but it didn't," she added.

Guilt of pregnancy loss

The "Are You Here" star knew for a fact that what happened to her and her baby was out of her control. Despite that, the actress could not help but question what she had done wrong during her pregnancy. Rauch later realized that no woman should be blamed for losing her baby to miscarriage.

"Due to reasons beyond anyone's control, miscarriage is estimated to occur in anywhere from 15 to 20 percent of recognized pregnancies. There was nothing you could’ve done to change the situation," the actress explained.

The mom-to-be even left a reminder to all women to stop blaming themselves for their pregnancy loss. Aside from that, she also asked those who have experienced miscarriage to be kind to themselves while trying to move on from grief.

Rauch said that the most effective course that helped her overcome sadness was acceptance of the reality.

"We all process grief differently. If you are dealing with prenatal loss, I hope you find something, anything, to bring you comfort," the actress added.