Rihanna has reportedly sent a text message to Bella Hadid, telling the supermodel to keep an eye out on Drake following reports that the rapper has been enjoying dinner nights with the 20-year-old.

While Bella has told pals that she and Drake are nothing more than good friends, sources close to the “One Dance” hitmaker claim that the Canadian star has been very flirty with Hadid over the last couple of days.

The duo hit up The Nice Guy in West Hollywood earlier this week, and to say that Drake was not making suggestive moves on Bella would certainly be an understatement.

He was constantly complimenting the runway model, which Hadid was said to have been flattered by.

Rihanna thinks Drake is nothing but a heartbreaker; it's alleged

Upon hearing about Bella’s closeness to Drake, Rihanna didn’t hesitate to let her pal know that getting close to the 30-year-old means bad news, a source tells Hollywood Life.

Having shared an On-again, off-again romance with the “Hotline Bling” star for well over eight years, as mentioned by Silver Times, Rihanna would know a thing or two when it comes to Drake and his ways when it comes to women.

According to the report, Rihanna thinks that Drake has a problem trying to settle down with one woman. He has a wandering eye, meaning that he can never just be with one person without trying to hit on another female.

He’s a true player and would definitely end up breaking Bella’s, heart.

Rihanna and Bella share a friendship between one another, having both enjoyed critically-acclaimed success in the fashion industry as of late. Sources say that Rihanna just wants to make sure that Hadid is careful if she was to consider the idea of dating her ex-boyfriend because he’s known to break women’s hearts as he did with hers.

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“Rihanna is not surprised at all Drake is spending time with Bella,” the source explained. “ Rihanna knows first hand what a player Drake can be. Rihanna has a lot of love for him but also knows how sweet and innocent Bella is. So Rihanna sent Bella a simple warning through the text to watch out girl, don’t let him play with your heart.”

Drake is not ready to settle down, Rihanna allegedly told friends

It’s further mentioned that Rihanna isn’t jealous of Bella and Drake’s flirtatious friendship that’s leading to romance.

Her only concern is that, with her having experienced a painful breakup with The Weekend in November, Rih-Rih wouldn’t want Hadid to experience that again.

The "Diamonds" singer doesn't want to involve herself too much into Bella' private life, but she's only making sure that Hadid isn't left heartbroken in the end.

Do you think Rihanna is being a good friend by warning Bella about Drake?