It looks like the Barbadian singer Rihanna has found her new beau as photos of her and a mystery man surfaced online on Tuesday, looking smitten with each other. It was quite a short time of a guessing game as to who was the guy she was with in a pool. Thanks to some eagle-eyed fans they were able to identify the hunky guy as no other than Hassan Jameel. Photos of them show how they are “really” into each other but the right term could be “love-struck.” Why not!

Who is the Barbadian singer’s new love interest?

The new love interest of Rihanna turned out to be Hassan Jameel, a Saudi businessman and heir to his family’s business, which is reportedly worth $1.5 billion.

It is said that he is the Deputy President and Vice Chairman of Abdul Latif Jameel, one the world’s biggest companies. The family business is also one of Saudi Arabia’s biggest distributor of Toyota, which he will apparently inherit when the time comes. Reports suggest that the “Rude Boy” singer has admitted that she’s already in love with him and that their “relationship is the real deal”

TMZ shared the photo of Rihanna and Hassan Jameel in a pool, which was taken in Spain. When the photos made their way online, theories had it that he could be a Spanish professional footballer – could be from team Spain, Real Madrid or FC Barcelona perhaps? However, it’s actually more than that as the guy actually owns a soccer league named the Jameel league.

Okay, folks. He’s definitely not from those teams mentioned above because he is the heir to one of the world’s wealthiest family.

Is Naomi Campbell jealous?

Rihanna and Hassan Jameel apparently looked great in the photos but that doesn’t mean someone isn’t left behind. The well-heeled Saudi Arabian guy was reportedly involved with supermodel Naomi Campbell.

They were seen at a festival in London in July 2016, looking infatuated with each other but they apparently didn’t work out as the wealthy man has another famous celebrity love interest. Campbell and the “Diamonds” singer have been considered as close friends but with the singer’s latest “makeout sesh”, reports suggest that their friendship has been affected.

That’s okay, RiRi.

“We Found Love”

The Barbadian singer’s past relationships including Chris Brown was certainly controversial as she was a victim of domestic violence. She also dated baseball player Matt Kemp, Canadian rapper Drake and American rapper Travis Scott. Following these relationships, RiRi has not been seen with someone else at least until those “smitten photos” surfaced online. It’s certainly a “We Found Love” time for Rihanna and Hassan Jameel.