Adult Swim has finally released the new, official trailer for the second episode of the highly anticipated “Rick and Morty” Season 3. The new season is expected to return next weekend with a new episode that promises to pick up where the first episode left off.

'Rick and Morty' go to a diesel-filled wasteland with Summer

The creators behind the popular animated series “Rick and Morty” attended the recently held San Diego Comic-Con. Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland rolled out a couple of hints regarding the show’s future during the panel interview. Adult Swim also re-aired the first episode of “Rick and Morty” Season 3, which was originally released on April 1.

They showed it at San Diego Comic-Con and even streamed it live for fans who weren’t able to attend the convention.

However, there are testimonials from fans who were at the event, saying that Adult Swim revealed the second episode of the third season at SDCC 2017. Apparently, it wasn’t released through the livestream and according to those who saw the full episode, there were a lot scenes that made them look away.

Adult Swim released a new teaser video, giving a sneak peek of the second episode titled “Rickmancing the Stone.” The next episode is a parody of the popular “Mad Max” movies, paying homage to some of the infamous characters.

Taking place in a wasteland, Rick, Morty, and Summer go through a post-apocalyptic adventure as they evade diesel-powered vehicles driven by violent beings.

The new episode will see a lot of new things but most of the highlights go to Summer, who will fall in love with a wasteland character as she explores her darker side.

‘Rick and Morty’ kicks off comeback next weekend

The anticipated third season has been on hiatus and there were rumors running around that the show was being cancelled because of the delay.

Rumor also had it that Roiland and Harmond were feuding, hence the delay and rumored cancellation.

The creators immediately shut down the rumors and reassured fans that their favorite animated show is still running. In addition to debunking the cancellation rumors, Harmon apologized for the delay of the third season and explained that it was because he and Roiland were doing their best to create fresh ideas for the new season.

They also said that the rumored feud consisted of simple fights between writers, arguing over the jokes and content they want to use in the new episodes.

“Rick and Morty” will return with new episodes on July 30. The creators announced at SDCC 2017 that the third season will have 10 episodes, but only the details of the first six episodes have been released.