The summer season is just beginning. In K-pop, that means boy bands and girl groups will released their summer-themed comebacks. Black Pink is already leading the way with the pre-release of their upcoming album, a song titled "As If It's Your Last." Mamamoo also did well with their comeback too with their song "Yes I Am" topping the MelOn chart.

Now another popular K-pop girl group has made their summertime comeback for the year, Red Velvet. They recently released their newest album "The Red Summer" featuring the title track song "Red Flavor." It is already getting plenty of praise from K-pop fans for being better than their earlier 2017 comeback track song "Rookie."

SM Town girl group shows you their 'Red Flavor' during their 'Red Summer'

News for Red Velvet, the popular K-pop girl group formed under SM Entertainment or SM Town, making a comeback during the summertime was first reported through teasers last month.

Back in June, the girl group and their agency and label started to release teaser images of the girls.

Along with the teaser images, animated images were released showing that the mini-album would be titled "Red Summer" and it would have five songs. Along with "Red Summer," they are an electronic pop song titled "You Better Know," a tropical rhythm dance song titled "Zoo," an urban pop song titled "Mojito," and a medium tempo song titled "Here the Sea."

The animated images also showed the concepts each girl would follow for the upcoming release.

Irene represents watermelon. Yeri represents grapes. Joy represents kiwis. Seulgi represents pineapple. Finally, Wendy represents oranges.

The featured title track song tops numerous Korean charts and is favored over 'Rookie'

Eventually, "Red Summer" was released on Sunday, July 9, at 12 p.m. KST. Within two hours, the title track song "Red Flavor" topped seven different Korean music charts.

They are MelOn, Genie, Naver Music, Bugs, Olleh Music, Soribada, and Monkey3. As for the other songs in the album, they too ranked really high on the charts. Ergo, SM Entertainment has come forward to state "Red Summer" was overall a success.

As for the K-pop fans, many of them especially those who are part of Red Velvet's official fan club known as ReVeluv claim "Red Flavor" is generally better than "Rookie," Red Velvet's earlier comeback.

The featured title track was far better paced.

Red Velvet's "Red Summer" is available to purchase digitally through iTunes. For K-pop fans who want to own a hardcopy album can pre-order it on YesAsia. It is expected to release on July 12, 2017.