Early Big Brother 19” spoilers from Sunday (July 9) have Cody Nickson trying to press a new plan into action. Cody, knowing that his days in the BB19” house are limited, is trying to get the girls targeted for eviction in order to save his game. It’s not a strategy that viewers will enjoy seeing, nor is it one that the women of the house should accept, but it is the hand that he is currently trying to deal.

The Veto Competition took place over the weekend, with Paul Abrahamian emerging as the winner. With the Power of Veto now in his possession, Paul can decide what he wants to do at the Veto Ceremony on Monday (July 10).

His plan, all along, has been to backdoor Cody and send him right out of the game. This plan was concocted after Cody tried to do the same thing to Paul during Week 1 of the summer.

Why does Cody want the women voted out?

The new thought process for Cody Nickson is that he wants to win a Battle Back Competition in the coming weeks. He is telling anyone who will listen that it would be easy for him to defeat the women in those competitions and that’s why the rest of the “BB19” cast should target them for eviction. While these “Big Brother 19” spoilers certainly show how overconfident that Cody has become in the house, it’s not necessarily an idea that anyone else wants to try.

During the “Big Brother 18” season, houseguest Victor Arroyo used the Battle Back challenges to gain another chance in the game.

He dominated against the other evicted houseguests and soon found himself realigned with Paul Abrahamian in the house. It wasn’t long until Victor got voted out of the game again, though, especially with alliance shifts taking place while he was sequestered. Would Jessica Graf wait for him? Or would she simply move on?

What will happen in the “BB19” house next?

With Paul Abrahamian in control of the Power of Veto, he controls every aspect of the game this week. It appears that he is going to force Alex Ow to remain on the block and that he will save Josh Martinez from being nominated. That would leave Alex, Ramses Soto, and Cody Nickson on the block at the upcoming Eviction Ceremony.

At that point, it wouldn’t be a stretch to expect a unanimous vote, with Jessica possibly siding with the majority.

After a horrible tenure as the Week 1 Head of Household, Cody’s stay in the “Big Brother” house appears to be coming to an end. There isn’t much left for him to do but concoct schemes to have easier competition in the Battle Back challenges. That and whine. Cody has proven himself to be very good about whining any chance he talks “game” with the other houseguests. What fans might love to see is for future “Big Brother 19” spoilers to actually include Cody Nickson making a good move in the game.

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