One of the most popular K-pop acts in Hallyu today just made their first comeback for the year. After more than half a year, Black Pink (which is often stylized as BLΛƆKPIИK or BlackPink) recently released their new single titled "As If It's Your Last."

News about the recent release by the YG Entertainment girl group consisting of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa were first revealed about two weeks ago on June 13, 2017. They along with their label and agency dropped the first teaser featuring a pink image of Grecian columns with the girl group's name and a comeback date of June 22, 2017.

Leading up to said release date, both Black Pink and YG Entertainment continued to drop more teasers which included a group promo image (featured), individual member teasers, and a teaser for the music video.

Black Pink is back in your area!

Eventually, the song and music video for "As If It's Your Last" released on its scheduled release date at 6 p.m. KST. Upon its release, it broke numerous records. For starters, it reached 10 million views in less than 17 hours on YouTube. They reached that viewership milestone quicker than BTS who previously held the record at 21 hours and 37 minutes for "Not Today."

Black Pink's "As If It's Your Last" is also dominating both domestic and international charts too.

Pertaining to the latter, their song is holding the top spot on six Korean real time charts: Genie, Bugs, Naver, Soribada, Olleh, and Monkey3. As for the latter, it placed number one on iTunes Worldwide Singles charts in 15 countries: Argentina, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Finland, Guatemala, Hondouras, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Lithuania, Macau, Malaysia, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

YG Entertainment's popular girl group makes an impact at just the right time!

Many K-pop fans, especially those who are a part of Black Pink's fan club known as Blink, will claim the girl group is doing well because they are "better than the others." However, the truth is that they made their 2017 K-pop comeback at the right time.

Out of all the K-pop acts today, the ones who are considered the most direct competition to Black Pink are Twice, Red Velvet, BTS, and K.A.R.D. simply because they are all considered to be third generation K-pop acts who debuted very close to each other. The four K-pop acts mentioned made their 2017 comebacks from February to April with "Knock Knock" (Twice), "Rookie" (Red Velvet), "Spring Day" and "Not Today" (BTS), and "Rumor" (K.A.R.D.) respectively. Ergo, Black Pink did not have to compete with their biggest competitors. Their only competitor is Mamamoo who is also doing well with their comeback, extended play (EP) or mini-album titled "Purple" featuring title track song "Yes I Am." However, they are not on the same level of popularity as Black Pink.

Black Pink will now move onward with post-release promotions for "As If It's Your Last." This includes music show competitions and more variety show appearances. It is also being reported that "As if It's Your Last" is a pre-release teaser song for Black Pink's upcoming album for this year too.