The R&B singer R. Kelly was recently involved in an issue that he has been holding women in Atlanta and Chicago. According to reports, R. Kelly sexually and physically abuses these women. Kelly’s attorney Linda Mensch said that his client is “disturbed and alarmed” by the accusation. According to ABC News, parents of the two women involved have come forward to expose the wrong-doings of the singer. The two parents claim that R. Kelly is preventing their daughters from coming home and is currently holding them "as captives" in his houses in Illinois and Georgia.

Kelly denies all the allegations

Defense attorney Linda Mensch announced that his client denies all the allegations. “Mr. Kelly explicitly denies such accusations and will work very hard and will face all his accusers.” In one of the reports of BBC News, the parents who brought up the issue say that they have limited communication with their daughters. They have already reached the police and FBI but were advised that their daughters were already in the legal age to engage in that kind of relationship. However, Timothy Savage, father of one of the women refused to accept what the authorities said. He stated that his daughter cannot come home because R. Kelly is “holding her against her will” and won’t allow her to leave.

He also added that his daughter has Stockholm syndrome and not in good condition. “I don’t know what her current state is. Last time I saw my daughter, she was in a horrible condition,” he added.

R. Kelly put “Svengali-like” influence over six women

In an investigation conducted by BuzzFeed News, the accused 50-year old singer applied “Svengali-like” effect over six younger women.

Also, the singer monitors every movement of these young women and prohibits them from contacting families and friends.

According to the report, “The young women are called “babies” by the singer and required them to call him “Daddy.” These women are used by Kelly to satisfy his sexual pleasures and abused them when they refused to follow his rules.

A former assistant of alleged “cult,” Cheryl Mack said that Kelly controls their every movement. “You have to request for food, or you have to ask before going to the bathroom. He is the master, and we are his puppets.”

R.Kelly was previously involved in an issue way back 2002 for possession of child abuse pictures but were acquitted after the main witness refused to testify in court. Over the years, Kelly has been involved at least a dozen of controversies and cases out of court but have not proven guilty even once.