Ghost long waiting time in jail finally ends. This episode showed Ghost's dark side and exhibited his old habits as a killer. Some secrets come out and some secrets remained the same. Some deals were made and some deals were broken. If you did not tune in to see this episode five of "Power," then reading this recap will catch you up and bestow information from past seasons.

Ghost is free!

From the last episode, the last scene was Angela reviewing a surveillance of Ghost not going anywhere near the cabinet. The cabinet is where the gun that killed Agent Knox was planted.

So when she did not see him go near this area, she grew suspicious of his innocence. Furthermore, in the beginning of this episode, she goes to Agent Sandoval (the only one who reviewed the surveillance) to tell him about the surveillance, but he dismissed it by making excuses as to why it was not important.

Angela calls her sister to tell her about her gut feeling of Ghost telling the truth about not murdering Agent Knox. Her sister lets Angela remember that Ghost has lied and cheated on her, so because he is innocent this time does not erase his past flaws. There are only days until Ghost's trial and Angela does not want Ghost to get the death penalty for something he did not do. While on her sister's couch, she makes a phone call to Ghost's lawyer.

Before the call, Ghost's lawyer notified Tasha that she might have to testify against her husband. She would have to agree that a $7.4 million check written to Ghost was not for the murder of Agent Knox.

While at the court hearing, the lawyer asked Angela to come up as a witness. She tells the Court Room about the surveillance being exploratory evidence and how she told Sandoval on her prosecuting team and he did nothing about it.

The judge scolded Agent Sandoval. Next, another Agent on their prosecuting team got up in anger and told the whole room about Angela's sexual affair with Ghost. The judge was embarrassed and felt that the prosecuting team was not mature or legitimate enough to continue his case. So the judge dropped all the charges and immediately put Ghost in processing to be released from jail.

Is the old Ghost is back?

Throughout this season, Charley Murphy, who plays a correction officer, has had it out for Ghost. He finds out from a source that Ghost might be the reason for his transfer to another correctional facility. The officer sneaks up on Ghost while in the weight room and starts hitting him. The office yells out sexual slurs about Tasha to teach him. Ghost slams him into the entrance door to the room and then they fall to the door. Next, Ghost repeatedly hits him with dumbells until the officer's blood splashes everywhere. The jail mate who blackmailed Ghost last episode covers up the scene. In the previous season, Ghost was a hardcore killer and was not afraid to get his clothes bloody because he always had extra clothes in his penthouse.

Are Tommy and Lakeisha a relationship or a hookup?

This episode opens up with Lakeisha and Tommy sitting in the bed together. Lakeisha is rolling a blunt with Tommy. He makes a sexual joke and they both laugh. Lakeisha is beginning to have feelings for Tommy, but he is still emotionally linked to Holly, the girlfriend he accidentally choked to death in the show's last season. Also, on top of feeling emotionally distraught about killing her, he killed their baby. Lakeisha mentions Holly and Tommy's mind ventures off to somewhere else.

Lakeisha starts talking to Tasha and hints around about some white new guy she having sex with. Tasha is not stupid, so she puts the clues together. She goes to Tommy asking if he was the new guy Lakeisha was talking about.

While swallowing the last bit of orange juice, he replies yes. She stresses the fact that her friend has feelings for him. She also stresses that if he messed things up with her, Lakeisha could get everyone in trouble. Tasha tells Tommy to do what he has to do to not mess things up. He tells Tasha what he did to Holly and she agrees to cover for him.

Tariq just keeps getting more stupider!

Tariq is still trusting Kanaan but does not realize the danger that surrounds him. Andre, who is working both the good and bad side in this season is trying to tell Kanaan to stay away from Tariq.

What to expect in the next episode?

Of course, I did not give away the whole episode. Maybe about 80% of the episode but to find out the rest you have to watch it.

Now, that Ghost is a Free Man, he has to catch up on the things that have been happening. Tasha borrows money from his nemesis. Tariq is kidnapped and held for ransom by Kanaan and his crew. Tommy is in Chicago and told not to work with Ghost again. If Ghost does not deliver a cell phone to Tommy, his kill episode in the waiting room could put him back in jail. Angela is left without a job and a possible blackball from her law career. Lakeisha is left with wondering if she gave in too soon with Tommy.