Kylie Jenner's Snapchat didn't show any of the usual pictures of the reality TV star for users who logged on to the app today. Instead, her Snapchat featured the home image that Snapchat users have, with the name "chikri95." Fans were invited to follow the user to allegedly see nude photos of the celebrity.

Kylie's nude photos released?

Chikri95 directed fans to his or her Snapchat, promising nudes of Kylie Jenner if they followed the hacker. This is unfortunately very timely for Kylie, who is reportedly concerned that her ex, Tyga, will release nude images of the star or a sex tape of the two. According to rumors, the pair filmed almost everything they did together, including their sexual escapades and she's worried that the photos and videos might come back to haunt her.

Although Kylie Jenner might have had a small panic attack when she saw the image, the hacker, fortunately, didn't release any nude photos of the reality TV star. Instead, the hacker simply stated that he or she wanted more clout and attention, which is why they hacked into the star's account and told people to follow them. They also asked that people retweet their "pinned tweet" which said, "I got Kylies nudes ahahha (sic)."

The hacker later took to his or her Twitter account after failing to release any X-rated images, admitting he or she didn't actually have any nudes of Kylie, but to follow him or her anyway and to continue to retweet the claim.

Not the first time she's been hacked

This isn't the first time the "Life of Kylie" star has had her accounts hacked which might mean it's time for Kylie to beef up security on her social media sites.

In 2016, the star's Twitter account was hacked by someone who replaced her default image with a rather unflattering one and wrote several mean tweets like "I love being famous with no talent."

Kylie Jenner seems to have taken the whole thing in stride and is pretty chill about what's just happened. Instead of freaking out, she regained access to her Snapchat and posted a snap of her munching on white chocolate pretzels with a pink filter.

Evidently, the whole incident didn't phase the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, who has clearly dealt with this before.

The star was also doxed by her own brother in September of last year over drama with baby mama Blac Chyna when he leaked his baby sister's phone number.

The star's new series, "Life of Kylie" will be released on August 6, though rumors are swirling that the show is actually incredibly boring, even for fans of the cosmetics queen. Even if it tanks, Kylie's net worth is still in the millions, so she won't be too financially strapped.