The "Pokémon Go" app has returned to being a hot topic thanks to the new changes and improvements made by Niantic in the recent days. The latest "Pokémon GO" update has brought new missions as well the inclusion of rare Pokémon to the augmented reality game. One of these new missions is the raids, which will be based on the most difficult power competitions of the video game. These activities were available only for trainers who were at level 35 or higher of the game. However, a new announcement made from the "Pokémon Go" Twitter account has confirmed that this requirement will change to level 31.

One of the most relevant surprises in the new update is the inclusion of the rarest and most appreciated creatures by players and trainers. While it is true that these Pokémons will be present in the game, finding and catching them will be a difficult task. It is worth mentioning that Charizard is one of the rare Pokémon that will be appearing in the game. Next, we share with you, new interesting details about the new update and some tips for finding and capturing Charizard and others rare Pokémons.

The Poke Radar

There have been many tools, tips, and tricks that have been shown on different social networks, as well, there have been many guides for finding and catching the most powerful Pokémon in "Pokémon Go".

The Poke Radar has been a great tool with which players would know the place where the Pokémon are located. However, this tool will not be too effective for finding the rarest creatures in the game. After the new changes made by Niantic in its latest update, players and trainers must use a Raid Locator online to see rare Pokémon beyond their immediate area.

Therefore, they can know specifically and exactly where they will find a rare Pokémon for a certain time.

Additional information

Charizard as well as other rare Pokémon, will not appear around the gyms so frequently, so it is recommended that players be very patient. An interesting fact to take into account is that when you reach a gym and you do not see more people, you must wait and join a minimum group of 10 players to be able to have any chance of catching one of these Pokémon.

It is worth mentioning that Niantic has announced that its developers are working on the new gyms and raid issues present in the game.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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