Spoiler alerts indicate this will be that Kevin Fisher's days in "Genoa City" are coming to a close. Kudos to the writers of "The Young and the Restless" for allowing Paul Williams to say a fond farewell to the young man he mentored and watched grow and change.

The bromance is ending between Kevin and Paul

Kevin Fisher came to Genoa City as a trouble maker who acted like a snotty nosed kid. During the past few years, however, Kevin has matured. He began working for Paul at the police station to utilize his computer skills. During this time the two men have formed a bond.

Paul had one son to die and another who left town. Paul has bonded with Kevin but not necessarily in a father-son kind of way. The affection between them is genuine and it comes across at times like a bromance.

Paul's attitude towards Kevin is similar to that of Fisher's big brother Michael Baldwin. They each offer the younger man what some would consider fatherly advice yet the brotherhood aspect is always there. Like Michael, Paul has been there to protect Kevin and often prevent the young man from getting into serious trouble. These two did not have a lot of air time together but when they did the audience could feel the connection between the two men. This dynamic was not explored greatly and now it has come to an end.

Paul and Kevin say goodbye

On Friday Kevin was in the park with Bella talking to Chelsea. The little girl said she and her daddy were going to see her mom. Spoiler alerts indicate that on Monday Kevin will cover by explaining that this is what his daughter says when they go to Chloe's grave. Later Paul and Kevin run into each other and Mr.

Fisher tells his boss that he is leaving town. Paul asks if he is sure and Kevin makes it plain that he is going to leave Genoa City.

Paul tells his friend that he is really going to miss him and the two men embrace.This will be an emotional moment for Paul because in a way he is losing a third son. He has had more time with Kevin than either of his biological children.

The friendship is deep and probably both men are not realizing it until now when it is too late. "The Young and the Restless" is to be commended for giving this closure to the bromance.

Paul Williams had a dynamic with Kevin Fisher that was unique. It was employer and employee, father and son, being confidantes, student, and mentor and most of all friendship. Farewell to Greg Rikkart. Thanks for the memories you gave the fans. Perhaps some day in the future he will be written back into the storyline.