The excitement for "Outlander" season 3 is undeniably building up, especially in anticipation of Jamie and Claire meeting again. Played by Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, Jamie and Claire continue their star-crossed love story as they try to hold fast against the tides of time. Living in different eras is one of their biggest obstacles but the magic in their romance manages to keep them truly in love despite the obstacles. Fans of the Starz series are so excited to find out what's going to happen when Jamie and Claire finally end up in that special print shop, a scene from the book series by Diana Gabaldon.

The star-crossed lovers got separated when Claire decided to go back to her present life and leaving Jamie in the middle of the Battle Of Culloden.

It was a difficult decision for Claire but during that time, she decided to prioritize her life in the present time.

Reuniting after 20 years

In the first few episodes of "Outlander" Season 3, Claire finds herself struggling to live in the present, trying to be the best wife for Frank and the best mother to their daughter. However, her love for Jamie is really strong and transcends all the eras between them.

The story even becomes more interesting when she finds out that Jamie actually survived the Battle of Culloden. When Claire finds out about Jamie's fate, her thoughts immediately wander to a whole lot of what if's and could-have-beens.

The reunion episode of Jamie and Claire is the most-awaited part in "Outlander" season 3 and Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe themselves have shared their thoughts on the said scene.

According to Elle, Balfe hinted that the reunion scene will most probably have violins playing in the background and sunlight filling in the room through the window shafts. She also described the scene as funny, awkward, sweet and endearing.

Jamie and Claire's daughter

Twenty years is a pretty big deal, especially when dealing with a loved one from another era.

To say that a lot has changed and happened is a total understatement and the time that has passed between Jamie and Claire means that they have a serious catching up to do.

The most important thing that they have to talk about is their daughter, who is still unknown to Jamie. It will be another dramatic scene when Claire will reveal to Jamie that she has brought their daughter in the present world. Meanwhile, Frank and Claire are expected to have bouts of misunderstanding as Jamie enters the latter's life once again.