One of "The Big Bang Theory" cast members, Melissa Rauch recently opened up about her first pregnancy. Rauch, who plays the role of Bernadette (Howard's wife) spoke about her condition and how she was previously devastated from a miscarriage.

Past speculated pregnancy for Rauch on 'The Big Bang Theory'

It can be recalled that several months back, there were reports circulating that Rauch was pregnant in real life, that's why her character in the "The Big Bang Theory" will also be shown as an expectant mother. The 37-year-old actress was quick to refute the news with a comical social media post which congratulated her mom and dad, saying they will now be proud TV grandparents.

On the show's season 9 episode 16, Bernadette informs close girlfriends, Penny and Amy about her pregnancy. It was actually spoiled by a text message for Leonard - but yeah, Penny read it out loud.

Real-life pregnancy and miscarriage for 'The Big Bang Theory' actress, Melissa Rauch

Now, in Rauch's announcement via Glamour, the star shared that as much as she was overly ecstatic, she is terribly frightened that she might suffer another miscarriage. Rauch is due to give birth this fall and according to her statement, it was "so hard" for her to hear pregnancy news and announcements from other people, following the loss of her baby.

Rauch added that she took the loss badly and the incident was too sorrowful for her. She also said that the miscarriage caused her to feel lingering depression.

Rauch has encouraging words to women who are undergoing the same issues

Meanwhile, Rauch went on to explain how the pressure to become okay was very high and said that women who are experiencing the same should treat themselves kindly. She mentioned that apart from the deep sorrow, she had to deal with unexpected hormonal imbalance as well.

The actress mentioned how hard it is to mourn about the incident because there is no funeral or taking a break from work to wait for the sadness to disappear or for you to get better emotionally.

Without all those elements, she said that it does not change the fact that something priceless was unexpectedly taken away from you.

Rauch is calling for less stigma around miscarriage and urges that awareness should be spread regarding it. She mentioned that even well-meaning queries about a woman's "baby agenda" can still sometimes be harmful.

Bernadette and Howard had their first child last season."The Big Bang Theory" is currently is in its 11th season, which will premiere in September this year.

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