Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, hosted the Disney Legends Award Ceremony at the 'D23' Expo last weekend. The D23 is code for the official Disney Fan Club. Walt Disney left Kansas City 1923 where he grew-up and the D is for, of course, Disney. Iger not only promoted the company's latest movies, television shows, and theme parks he teased Carrie Fisher's last appearance in a 'Star Wars' franchise film. Fisher co-stars in 'The Last Jedi' a movie she shot before her tragic and unexpected death in December 2016.

Fisher along with co-star Mark Hamil was inducted as 'Disney Legends.'

Mark Hamill and Billy Lourd honor Carrie Fisher

Mark Hamill Fisher's co-star in the Star Wars films devoted some of his speech to Fisher. Hamill beamed as he spoke about Fisher. He explained, 'there was a comfort level with each other. We could rely on each other, and there was a deep respect.' Hamill smiled, switched gears a bit, and acknowledged that 'if she were here, she would have flipped me the bird at least twice already.' Mark also stated he loved Carrie Fisher, explaining that after all, we were 'film-siblings.' Carrie Fisher's daughter Billy Lourd also offered insight about Carrie's relationship with her role in the Star Wars franchise.

Read by Iger, Lourd wrote, about going to Disneyland so often that she now is starting to realize that her mom may have loved going to the famous theme park more than she did. Lourd went on to explain that for Fisher becoming a Disney Legend was almost as good as being a Disney Princess. Lourd added this was an 'ultimate dream' of her mother.

Lourd is filming 'American Horror Story' and could not attend the event in person.

Oprah Winfrey was also honored at the event

The D23 paid homage to Winfrey and her long history of work in the movies and television. Oprah opened her remarks with a wholehearted 'hello.' Then in classic Oprah Winfrey style, Oprah shared an account that occurred during her dinner the night before while she was a guest of Disney World.

Oprah recalled as she was sitting alone a conversation that sparked with her waiter, Steve. Oprah asked Steve, 'how long have you worked here'? Steve replied he had been employed at Disney for 42 years. When Oprah wondered how he could work for a company that amount time Steve explained, 'I found it to be the best place to let me be me.’

Oprah explained her reasons for telling the story; she feels the same way as her waiter Steve. In other words, Disney who produced the 'Oprah Winfrey Show' let Oprah be Oprah and this lead to her tremendous success. It is hard to know if Carrie Fisher held the same belief as Oprah, nonetheless, we can be sure that if Fisher were here she would have offered her classic wit to the event.