Nino Brown has really held no prisoners with his latest release. The 50-year-old rapper is well-known for not having a lot of time for the Kardashian tribe, but he's taken things one step further this time and has released a music video entitled, wait for it - "Kartrashian Kurse". Brown has a long standing history of dislike for the Kardashian sisters which he has had no problems publicizing in the past. On December 16th 2016, Brown uploaded a video to Youtube where he talked in a rather uncouth manner about the Kardashians saying they have "no talent " and referring to them as "hoes".

Aptly, the video was called "Them Kardashian Hoes is bad luck" and has more than 91,000 views. He also posted the video on Facebook which has reached over five million views.

'Kartrashian Kurse' warns men about women like Kardashians

Brown's latest music video warns Men about the Kardashians and about women like the Kardashians. In the music video, Brown can be seen teaching a class of men about the dreaded Kardashians and how to avoid them, all the while a rather Kardashianesque girl is clinging onto him and his every word. And feeding him grapes. In the first verse of the song, Brown sings about women who are interested only in superficial things. The chorus is a mix of Brown insinuating that the Kardashian's will sleep with anyone who has money and he claims "these hoes been with everybody".

The song also includes not-so-subtle references to the men that the Kardashian sisters have been with and dated. Basically, he sums up the Kardashians as being attention-seeking, materialistic and users and abusers of men.

Nino Brown claims Kardashian's are destroyers of men

Brown's whole reasoning behind these attacks on the Kardashians is that they apparently hold the power to destroy a lot of men because of their beauty.

When interviewed in December 2016 by BET, Brown claimed there is "a list of Black brothers who have been torn down by these girls because they’re beautiful". When asked about his famous grape videos, in which he is constantly being fed grapes by attractive women, Brown told BET "I believe every woman should cater to the man in the relationship if the man is the provider, a father and doing what he’s supposed to be doing. A man should be celebrated not tolerated."

The Kardashians are reportedly not too happy with the latest installment in Nino Brown's Kardashian curse saga. I wonder how far Nino is willing to take it.