Hey, “General Hospital” fans. A very strong warning will get served up by Nathan at some point. Also, Jordan will catch some heavy heat from Carly. Nelle shows great disdain for a gift she’s received. An intruder gives Valentin some major trouble, and more in these upcoming July 31 to August 4, 2017 episodes. ABC revealed these spoilers via the folks at Soaps.com

Give up all hope

They gave us three big scoops for the week, starting Monday, July 31. We’ll be seeing Sonny start to actually give up all hope in this one. So, it certainly sounds like he is going to be in a really bad place in this particular moment.

Will there be someone that can help him out of it? That’s one big question for this storyline. It sounds like he might have a long road ahead.

Defend herself

Next, they revealed that Nina might be in some serious trouble. They say that she will really have her guard up to defend herself from whatever or whoever might be after her. This storyline sounds like it could possibly offer a lot of drama as it continues to progress.

In the third scoop for Monday’s installment, we’re going to see the scene that involves Nathan delivering this very serious warning to someone. They didn’t mention who this someone is. So, that’s a big question for this situation, along with what this warning entails. One thing’s for sure: this plotline sounds extremely intriguing and intense.

Hopefully we’ll see what this warning is in this particular episode.

In the Tuesday, August 1 episode, we’ll be shown the massive Carly blow up scene. They say that she is just going to really lash out at Jordan. What will she lash out at him about? That’s the obvious big question for this storyline. There’s no doubt that we’ll get a ton of drama from this scene.

Avery is inconsolable

Next, they revealed that Avery will definitely be going through a very rough patch. It will be so rough to the point that they say he’s inconsolable. So, that really sounds quite serious for him. It should be quite interesting to see if he can come out of this bad head space.

Elsewhere, they say that Ava will be very busy trying to make sure she keeps her appearance hidden.

So, it doesn’t sound like things will be going too well for her either. Why will she be trying to hide her appearance? That’s the burning question that we’ll be looking to see get answered in this installment. In the Wednesday, August 2 episode, they revealed that Griffin will be in a pretty good mental place with whatever he’s got going on. They say he will be cautiously optimistic. What will he be optimistic about? That’s the main question for this situation.

Scrutinizing a gift

Next, they say that there’s going to be a moment where Oscar will offer up his support. They didn’t say for what. So, we’ll have to wait and see what that is when the episode airs. Nelle will also be in this episode.

She will end up scrutinizing a gift she’s received. So, it doesn’t sound like she’ll have one of her best moments in this one. In the Thursday, August 3 episode, Valentin will run into a serious problem. Apparently, he’s going to have to deal with an intruder. Elsewhere, Julian will be busy trying to make Ava feel better by raising her spirits. There will also be a moment where Carly tries to track down Michael for something.

Change her entire fate

To wrap up the week, the Friday, August 4 episode will feature Dante trying to give Carly a helping hand. Sam will face tough times as they say she will struggle to deal with reality. The last scoop for Friday reveals that Ava will receive a proposal that could possibly change her fate. So, it sounds like they will end the week with some very intriguing scenes. Stay tuned.