The iconic and legendary James Bond has been confirmed to make a comeback on the big screen! According to ET Online, the newest installment of the franchise, which will be its 25th, is coming to theaters on November 8, 2019. The release date of the upcoming "James Bond" film was announced by MGM and EON Productions which hold the distribution rights to the franchise.

The comeback of James Bond

The newest "James Bond" film will be co-written by Robert Wade and Neal Purvis whose credits include "Casino Royale" (2006), "Quantum Solace" (2008) and "Skyfall" (2012).

Aside from the two writers, the production companies have yet to name the director of the upcoming movie.

The limited information provided about the film has left the fans to speculate whether or not Daniel Craig will return for the 2019 movie. The "Cowboys & Aliens" actor has played the iconic role from "Casino Royale" (2006) until "Spectre" (2015). Aside from him, several names have emerged as potential candidates to play as James Bond.

Idris Elba, who is known for his roles in "Beasts of No Nation" and "Star Trek Beyond," was reportedly targeted to play the iconic spy for the upcoming installment. The actor-musician, however, denied that he was in talks for the role. “If it was to happen it would be the will of the nation because there's been no talks [between] me and the studio," he said in a "Good Morning America" interview.

He added that he is too old to become the next James Bond. "I can't be running around in cars and ladies and martinis, who wants to do that? Sounds terrible," Elba added.

Rumors of a female James Bond

Charlie Hunnam and Tom Hiddleston were also quick to deny that they were contacted to play the iconic character. Chris Hemsworth, on the other hand, suggested that the film should consider Charlize Theron as the first female James Bond.

The African-American actress, however, said that she is already satisfied in playing Lorraine's character in "Atomic Blonde."

"I’m fine with leaving that over to Daniel or to Idris – who I think would be a fricken awesome Bond – and I’ll do Lorraine," she said at Comic-Con 2017 as cited by Marie Claire. "I think of this character as something that could hopefully live and breathe in the same kind of format.

We could actually make a couple more movies."

Unlike her, Priyanka Chopra is willing to take on the tux and become the first actress to play the iconic spy character. The Indian actress-singer confessed that a lot of people have been telling her that she is perfect for the role.