Hey, “General Hospital” fans. We’re definitely going to see Nathan totally put Nina on the spot before this July 17 to July 21, 2017 episode week is done. Laura will be given a lot to think about. Spencer is just going to add more problems. Some good news will get delivered and more. As always, these are official spoiler reveals are from ABC by way of Soaps.com

Give Anna her blessing

They revealed three scoops for the week-starting Monday, July 17 episode. In it, we will see Jordan decide to give Anna her blessing. So, it sounds like a very happy Anna will result from this situation.

Next, they mentioned that there will be a scene that shows Curtis feeling quite guilty about something that has happened.

We’ll have to tune in to find out exactly what that’s all about. Lastly, it’s revealed that Griffin will have some very good news to share. What will this fantastic news be? That’s the big question for that storyline.

Difficult to swallow

In the Tuesday, July 18 episode, we’re going to see the situation where Laura gets faced with some truths about Charlotte. They describe these truths as very difficult to swallow! So, it will certainly be very intriguing to find out what’s going on with that storyline. The obvious question is what will these hard truths entail?

Next, they revealed that Spencer is not going to be giving us his best moments as they say that he’s just going to end up making matters even worse! What exactly is he going to do to add to the problems?

That’s the main question that we hope to see get answered in this particular episode.

Very valuable lesson

The third scoop reveals that Curtis will end up learning a very valuable lesson about what makes a true sacrifice at some point. What will this lesson entail? It certainly sounds like this could offer up some very interesting scenes.

Next up are the teasers for the Wednesday, July 19 installment.

It sounds like Nina will have a very serious moment at some point as they say that she will be faced with a decision that she has to make. We definitely want to find out what this decision is about.

Looking to the future

Elsewhere, Hayden and Finn will be in their own little world in one these scenes. Their situation is described as looking to the future.

So, it sounds like they’ll be ready to go ahead and move forward with whatever they’ve got going on. ABC kept their description very vague so we’ll have to tune in to see exactly what they’re planning.

Lastly, it’s revealed that Alexis will have a very difficult time in this episode as they say that she will be conflicted about something. We’ll definitely be looking to see what she’s wrestling with.

Shaken to the core

They revealed another three teasers for the Thursday, July 20 episode. In it, we’re going to see Nina’s faith get shaken to the core! What will make her so rattled? That’s the big question for this one.

Elsewhere, Josh is going to feel very responsible for something that took place. So, it’ll be interesting to find out what that’s all about.

Lastly, we’ll see Lucy finally track down Finn.

Making a beeline for Julian

To wrap up the week, the Friday, July 21 episode will show Sam making a beeline for Julian. That really sounds intense. What’s even more intense is the second scene they revealed. In it, Nina is going to catch some major heat from Nathan when he calls her out!

Last but most certainly not least, a very threatening and unpleasant message will get delivered to Sonny. So, it sounds like they will end this week with some very heavy drama for sure. Stay tuned.

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