Hey, “Days Of Our Lives” fans. There’s a shocking guest that’s due to appear for Anjelica at some point. Abigail seeks out secret help with her Dario investigation. Lucas gets sent into a jealous rage over Justin and Andrienne. Kate and Andre have a confrontation and much more in these new July 17 to July 21, 2017 episodes. These wonderful spoiler teasers are from NBC via Soaps.com

Private help

The Monday, July 17 episode is going to feature the whole Abigail and Andre situation. They say that she will definitely go to him to try and get some very private help. This help will entail assisting her in gaining extra insight into Dario’s illegal dealings.

Will Andre give her the help she seeks? That’s the main question for this plotline. If Andre does agree, It will definitely be intriguing to see how this situation continues to play out. That’s the only scoop they revealed for Monday’s episode. However, we’re definitely sure it will offer a ton more scenes since it’s an hour-long show. You’ll definitely want to look for the preview clip for this one later on today because it will certainly reveal some extra details.

Surprise guest

In the Tuesday, July 18 episode, Anjelica will be involved in a very intriguing-sounding scene. They say that a surprise guest will show up to see her. Who will this person be? Will Anjelica be happy to see whoever this is? Those are the big questions that we’ll be looking to see get answered in this installment.

They revealed that the July 19 episode will feature Lucas, Justin and Adrienne in a very dramatic-sounding scene. They say that Lucas will see a moment where Justin is providing comfort to Adrienne. This will stir up a lot of jealous feelings in Lucas. That’s all the info they gave away for this scenario. It certainly sounds like it could turn into something that involves a heated confrontation situation.

We’ll definitely have to wait until this one airs to find out.

Andre and Kate

The Thursday, July 20 episode will for sure provide a confrontation. It’s going to take place between Andre and Kate. They say that these two are definitely going to clash and that things will get real messy. So, that sounds like a very good scene that we’ll certainly want to prep for.

The big question for this storyline is what will they be arguing about?

Finally, NBC was kind enough to reveal two spoiler scoops for the Friday, July 21 episode. We will be shown a scene that involves Rafe and Hope. She’s going to reluctantly tell Rafe what the real truth is concerning Dario. How will Rafe react? Will he believe her?

New Master Plan

Elsewhere, Anjelica will be busy setting up her new master plan. It’s going to entail her bringing back another person from Salem’s past! Who will this new mystery person be? That’s definitely something we’ll have to tune in to see. Stay tuned.

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