Hey, “Game of Thrones” fans. We’re about to see Cersei decide to give something back. Jaime will learn a few lessons. Daenerys, aka Dany, will be back in action holding court in this new Episode 3 of the current season 7. HBO revealed these new spoiler teasers in a press release via Thefutoncritic.com

The Queen’s Justice

This new installment was given the title, “The Queen’s Justice.” Their brief plot summary started with some new details about Dany. Apparently, she will have the attention of a lot of people that want to hear what she has to say when she holds court.

They didn’t mention what the special occasion is. We just know that something special will be taking place and that Dany is the center of attention. What will be so important to draw all of this attention? That’s the big question for this storyline. It definitely sounds pretty intriguing.

Not the best idea

Next, they revealed that we’ll see more of Cersei in action. Apparently, she thinks it’s not the best idea in the world to hold on to a gift that she has received or maybe she just doesn’t like it. Whatever the case, she will be compelled to return this particular gift to whoever gave it to her.

What is this gift? Why does she return it? Those will be the questions that we’ll be looking to see get answered in this episode.

Hopefully, they won’t stall in giving us the answers. Actually, they don’t have a whole lot of time to stall since this season consist of only seven episodes. Anyways, Cersei’s storyline seems like it could quite intriguing as well.

Jaime learns from his mistakes

Lastly, they revealed a third teaser that features Jaime Lannister in a situation.

It turns out that he’s made quite a few mistakes in the past. However, spoilers indicate he will actually learn from them in this episode. So, that sounds like a very positive thing that’s going on with him.

They didn’t go into any kind of detail about what particular mistakes he’s learned from. We’ll certainly have to wait and watch this episode to see specific details of his plotline.

It sounds like we could get some interesting scenes out of it. They also revealed that this installment was written by the show’s creators David Benioff & D. B. Weiss. They hired Mark Mylod to direct it.

That’s all the information that HBO revealed in regards to this installment in their press release. We do expect them to release a new preview clip for episode 3 later on tonight after the airing of episode 2. As always, it should reveal some extra details that were not mentioned in the press release. So, you’ll certainly want to keep an eye out for it.

Episode 3 is confirmed to air next Sunday night, July 30 at 8 pm CT on HBO. Stay tuned.