Hey, "Days Of Our Lives" fans. Anjelica's hotel room will be a victim of Steve and Kayla's break-in attempt at some point during these new July 10 to July 14, 2017, episodes. Additionally, a very key piece of evidence regarding Deimos' murder turns up. Abigail gets even more suspicious of Dario. Jade will think about pulling off another scandalous plot and more. These juicy spoilers are from NBC by way of Soaps.com.

Anjelica's hotel room

The opening Monday, July 10 episode will feature the scenes that involve Kayla and Steve breaking into Anjelica's hotel room! Will they get caught? What will they be searching for?

Those are the big questions for this storyline. It definitely sounds like it will offer up some really intriguing and dramatic scenes. It's possible that ABC's preview clip might show a glimpse of it. So, you'll want to look out for it on YouTube. That's all the scoops they gave us for Monday's episode. We're sure it will deliver a lot of other great scenes though. Again, the preview clip will most likely feature a couple of them.

Deimos' murder

The Tuesday, July 11 episode will deliver a very intriguing scene with Lani. They say at some point, she's going to locate a very key piece of evidence that's connected to Deimos' murder! What could it be? What will Lani do with this valuable information? Hopefully, they will show us what she does in this episode.

However, it sounds like they could easily stretch this storyline out. We'll have to wait and see what they do with it.

Next up, we have the Wednesday, July 12 teaser scoop. Yep, they only gave us one for this one as well. It's going to feature Abigail in action at some point. She will be expressing increasing suspicion about Dario. Will she do something about it?

Or will she continue to gather more facts? One thing's for sure is that it definitely sounds like this is a situation that will get very intriguing as it continues to progress.

Second thoughts

In the Thursday, July 13 episode, things will get very interesting with Tripp. They tell us that he will get plagued with lots of second thoughts about everything he's done to Kayla.

To add to that, they include some bad news about Kayla. They say things will get even worse for her! So, it sounds like we'll see the drama intensify for Kayla as we get to the end of next week. It should be interesting to see just how bad things get for her.

Lastly, they revealed two spoiler scoops for the week ending Friday, July 14 episode. Things will get very intense in this one. They say that Brady will end up finding Eric and Nicole together at some point! This will cause Brady to become very jealous. Will he act on his jealous feelings? They didn't mention if he does or not. So, that is certainly a huge question for this scenario.

Very vengeful mode

Elsewhere, Jade will be in a very vengeful mode. It's going to cause her to contemplate possibly stirring up more trouble before she leaves town!

Will she end up doing it? If so, what will it be? We'll have to tune in to find out. Stay tuned.

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