Hey, “The Bachelorette” fans. Yes, it’s that time again where all the rejected guys are brought back for the “Men Tell All” special in the upcoming Episode 10. Enemies Lee and Kenny are supposed to be back to finally settle things, something is supposed to take place between Blake and Lucas, and more. These spoiler teasers are from ABC’s official press release by way of TV Guide.

The most memorable guys talk

Their description starts off by saying that Rachel and her most memorable guys return to talk about what they experienced during their short time on the show.

From there, they highlight that the two enemies, Lee Garrett and Kenny King, will be back to explain what their whole volatile relationship was all about.

During their time on the show, they engaged in some very intense arguments. Lee always ran and told Rachel that Kenny got very aggressive and violent with him. Then Kenny would tell Rachel a different story that of course conflicted with Lee’s explanation. Finally, Rachel chose to believe Kenny over Lee. Also, it never seemed like Lee was really there for Rachel which made it even easier for her to let him go. Their final scene on the show got very heated on the 2 on 1 date. So, they’ll be back to discuss all of that madness.

Blake E and Lucas come face to face

Next, they said that another set of enemies, Blake E and Lucas “WhaBoom” Yancey, will be back to come face to face with each other. During their short stint on the show, they got into a real heated argument before and after Rachel decided to cut them both. In one of the episodes, Lucas claimed that Blake woke him up and was standing over him suggestively eating a banana.

Blake denied that this ever happened. He claimed it couldn’t have happened because he doesn’t eat carbs. Yes, this argument was as stupid as it sounds which is most likely why Rachel decided to just get rid of them both at the same time. So, they should be an interesting addition to the “Men Tell All” show.

Adam Gottschalk to appear

Lastly, ABC revealed that we’ll see Adam Gottschalk show up to talk about how he got sent packing just before the hometown dates. Adam was eliminated in the 7th episode. In this episode, Adam went on a group date with Rachel, Matt and Eric Bigger. Throughout the show, Adam really thought he was going to get a rose and make it to the Hometown dates.

Then at the rose ceremony, it came down to Eric and Adam. Rachel decided to give the rose to Eric, which left Adam with the painful realization that he would have to keep searching for his special woman. So, it sounds like he’ll revisit a very emotional memory in this upcoming show. It’s set to air next Monday night, July 31,2017 in the same 7pm central time slot on ABC. Stay tuned.