After the smashing success of Netflix’ series “13 Reasons Why,” Katherine Langford — who portrayed Hannah Baker — is in talks for big-budget Hollywood films. In a Reddit forum called DCEU leaks, a user claimed to be a representative of Warner Bros. In one of his posts, he says Langford, 21, has a good chance of snagging the lead character in the film.

Warner Bros. wants to get a young actress signed by SDCC so it can make a surprise announcement on stage during its presentation,” the user reveals. He also claims that the studio writers have listed Katherine Longford, Alicia Silverstone, Priyanka Chopra, Lindsey Morgan, Anna Kendrick and Emma Stone.

Has the 'Batgirl' actress been finalized?

When joss whedon announced back in April that he was bringing “Batgirl” to the big screen in 2018, he did not hint at the main characters of the movie. Later on, the filmmaker told USA Today he was looking for "somebody who is new to the film industry."

According to Whedon, a girl who is ready to accept the challenges may become “Batgirl.” It’s not an easy task because the film has a lot of action and fight scenes. So, it is necessary for the female lead to prepare for those sequences. Just like Gal Gadot in “Wonder Woman,” the “Batgirl” will fight the enemies, and she will have to learn martial arts.

Could that somebody be Katherine Langford?

As Paste Magazine reports, neither Joss Whedon nor Warner Bros.

have confirmed the name. In addition to Katherine Langford, the following actresses have been shortlisted for the lead role in “Batgirl.”

  • Alicia Silverstone: If you remember the hit “Batman & Robin” film, you might be familiar with Alicia Silverstone. She played the leading character and made the headlines in no time. Alicia stated that she would be interested in playing the female superhero again.
  • Priyanka Chopra: Following the success of “Quantico” season 2, Priyanka Chopra has become a regular Hollywood actress. The diva has recently expressed her interest in playing “Batgirl.” According to Priyanka, it is like a dream to play a female superhero, and she has the abilities to come up the expectations of her fans.
  • Lindsey Morgan: At one point, there were speculations about Lindsey Morgan playing the lead in “Batgirl” based on a statement that she had landed a major role. Lindsey remains a strong contender, but there is no information whether she is going to play “Batgirl” or not.

Though all of these actresses want to playBatgirl,” the filmmaker is reportedly in talks with Katherine Langford. So, we hope that the “13 Reasons Why” actress will eventually land the major role. What do you think Langford taking on the role?