Steven John Assanti has been haled the worst bully that TLC "My 600-lb Life" has ever seen. After a failed drug rehab and weight loss, the reality TV star went on a rant against Dr. Nowzaradan and Megalomedia. But now the tables have turned and the former 850-lb man is being bullied himself. A Facebook group was set up to "expose" him. Assanti also claims bullying by In Touch Weekly over reports that he bashed veterans on Twitter. What's the truth behind the bombastic bariatric surgery patient?

Steven Assanti surprises with weight loss

Dr. Younan Nowzaradan (Dr.

Now for short) has seen some epic bullies on "My 600-lb Life." In fact, the gastric bypass specialist links their manipulative behavior to obesity. But Steven John takes the cake. The Rhode Island man was kicked out of another program for ordering pizza while on the gastric bypass surgery diet. Assanti harassed his enabling father and staff so much that Dr. Now ejected him from the reality television show. Viewers haven't seen his TLC update but Facebook videos show bariatric surgery scars and weight loss so he could have been allowed to return.

Steven Assanti's baffling behavior

Steven Assanti is one confusing dude. He infuriated Youtube as FatBoyGetDown by mocking American taxpayers for funding obesity with welfare, food stamps and Medicaid.

Despite his nasty attitude, Steven proved he could lose weight. Then he sabotaged his surgery and bragged about how he conned doctors into feeding his Tramadol and hydrocodone addiction. He begged for a second chance on the "My 600-lb Life" reality TV show and seemed remorseful.

Facebook, Twitter go after Steven Assanti

One minute Assanti championed Dr.

Now on Facebook and the next he denounced everyone associated with "My 600-lb Life." This hypocrisy caused much animosity towards Steven. A Facebook group began with the intent of uncovering Steven as a fraud. When a Twitter profile of Assanti showed him insulting veterans and the American flag, no one was surprised. InTouch Weekly magazine published an article about his supposed anti-American activities.

Assanti also went on a pro-Donald Trump rant against "fake news."

Steven Assanti: bully or bullied?

The former "My 600-lb Life" star attacked In Touch Weekly, saying the Twitter profile was fake. He apologized later, but in his defense, other reality TV stars are mad at In Touch Weekly too. The Duggar girls - Jill Dillard, Jessa Seewald, Jinger Vuolo and Joy-Anna Duggar of "19 Kids and Counting" - are suing the source for printing the names of the alleged incest victims of Josh Duggar.

Steven Assanti's addiction issues

It may not be simple nastiness behind the "My 600-lb Life" celebrity's behavior. Assanti is an opioid drug addict, whether recovering or not. Sober, he is a very lucid young man. He may have some valid claims against TLC as well. Does Steven make the egregiously venomous videos when he is using? Is he being targeted unfairly? Or is the 34-year-old just an attention seeker who will do anything to get his own reality show?