Fans of “Little People, Big World” can’t get enough of baby Jackson Roloff, the firstborn son of Zach Roloff and his wife, Tori. And with one of the couple’s longtime friends having welcomed a new addition to their family, Zach has taken to Instagram to share an adorable photo of “baby J” next to his great new pal, baby Rowen Mueller.

Jackson Roloff's new best friend was born on Zach and Tori’s second wedding anniversary

As noted by Zach Roloff on his official Instagram account, his best friend, Jacob “Mules” Mueller and Jacob’s wife Destiney became parents to a third boy earlier this week, on the very same day Zach and Tori celebrated their second wedding anniversary.

The friendship of both young men, as well as Jacob’s friendship with Zach’s twin brother Jeremy, had long been featured on “Little People, Big World,” with family matriarch Amy Roloff even referring to Jacob Mueller as her “fifth kid,” according to the “LPBW” fan site Spirits Wander.

With Jacob and Destiney Mueller having added Rowen to their “family of boys,” Zach Roloff posted a picture of his son, baby Jackson Roloff, next to Rowen, with their respective mothers holding the babies. In the description of the photo posted yesterday on Zach’s Instagram account, the 27-year-old “Little People, Big World” star described Jackson and Rowen as being “already great pals” as they posed next to each other.

Were baby Jackson Roloff and Rowen Mueller scared of each other?

Since yesterday, fans of “LPBW” have been commenting on the cute baby picture Zach Roloff shared on his Instagram account. One user remarked that the two babies looked to be “scared of each other,” as baby Jackson seems to have a bemused look on his face while Rowen has his mouth open as if he was screaming, though he may have more likely been stifling a yawn.

That said, most of the comments have been just what you would expect from a photo of two young infants posing next to each other. Users described baby Jackson and Rowen as being “so cute and handsome,” while one "Little People, Big World" fan, in particular, suggested that Zach Roloff hang on to the photo and save it for the time when the two babies graduate from high school, so he could include it in a Powerpoint presentation.

Meanwhile, baby Jackson Roloff’s mother, Tori Roloff, also took to Instagram to share a photo of her 2-month-old son, but this time with Zach by her side. As she looked back on the two years she and Zach have been married, Tori wrote that there are still times when the family feels “incomplete,” even with a dog and a newborn baby, but there are still traditions they keep sacred as part of their recent second wedding anniversary.