Yg Entertainment is recognized as the second-biggest entertainment label and agency in South Korea. Pertaining to K-pop, they are well known for both Big Bang and 2NE1. Those two K-pop acts blazed trails and dominated the scene, but sadly they are either in the middle of a hiatus (Big Bang) or have disbanded (2NE1).

Because of the aforementioned circumstances, YG Entertainment -- also known as YG Family -- are pushing their next generation of K-pop acts after Big Bang and 2NE1. The girl groups are well-represented through Black Pink who recently made their 2017 comeback with "As If It's Your Last."

For boy bands, Winner is working hard to gain just as much recognition in the absence of Big Bang, something that can be challenging in the shadow of T.O.P.'s marijuana scandal.

Still they are moving forward with the upcoming release of their second K-pop comeback of the year, "Our Twenty For."

YG Producer hints at WINNER's comeback before pre-release teasers drop!

We now know that Winner (often stylized in all capitals) will be making their second K-pop comeback, but K-pop fans got their first hints on said comeback last month. On his official Instagram account, DEE.P -- a producer for YG Entertainment -- shared a photo with the caption "RECORDING! #WINNER." Said post stirred up excitement among K-pop fans, especially those who identify themselves as a member of Winner's fandom known as Inner Circle, in hopes of Winner making another comeback for this year.

On July 14, a representative from YG Entertainment made a public announcement that Winner is indeed working on their second K-pop comeback for the year.

They also said at the time of the announcement that Winner was currently overseas to film the the music video for the featured title track song.

Through the course of the past three weeks, more teasers for Winner's second K-pop comeback for 2017 would be released.

Yang Hyun Suk -- founder and president of YG Entertainment -- uploaded a couple of videos on his Instagram account showing snippets of Winner's music video. We also learned it was titled "Our Twenty For."

'Our Twenty For' comes just four months after 'Fate Number For'

The upcoming release of "Our Twenty For" comes at a unique time as just four months ago, Winner had their first K-pop comeback for 2017 with the single album "Fate Number For" which featured double title track songs "Really Really" and "Fool."

This means once Winner finished up post-release promotions for "Fate Number For" they took no time (or at least very little time) to rest up before diving into their next project.

This can be taken as a sign that YG Entertainment is starting to heavily push Winner as their primary boy band or at least depend on them more over Big Bang.

Winner will make their second K-pop comeback with "Our Twenty For" this coming month. The album drops on August 4th at 4 p.m. KST.