dylan O Brien became known to the world as character Stiles on MTV's series "Teen Wolf." The actor has gradually made the move to the film industry starting with the "Maze Runner" movies. During filming for one of the "Maze Runner" motion pictures the actor suffered a serious injury on the set. O' Brien has not been open with the accident and has kept the details of what happened quite private. However, in a recent interview, he addressed how the accident helped him to prepare for his role in his upcoming movie "American Assassin."

The actor opens up about the accident

According to Refinery, Dylan O' Brien did not go into detail about his accident on the set of "Maze Runner." He did, however, refer to the injuries he sustained and his recovery.

The actor stated that going through the kind of trauma he did really helped him to connect with the role of Mitch Rapp in "American Assassin." He stated that the character in the movie suffers very similar injuries to the kind that the actor himself suffered.

When the accident happened back in March 2016 there were several reports that Dylan O' Brien was pulled from on top of one vehicle and hit by another during filming. This has not been confirmed by the actor or his representatives. An air of secrecy still remains around the accident and it appears that fans will never truly know what happened.

O' Brien had to take a long time off of filming to recover from his injuries. This put a huge halt in the production of the movies.

Speaking of his time spent recovering Dylan stated that it was a very important time for him personally. He stated that he needed to time to convince himself he would be able to act again. The accident had a huge impact on the actor but he returned to work once he had recovered.

The actor is to star in 'American Assassin'

Dylan O' Brien is to star in the upcoming action thriller movie "American Assassin." He plays the role of Mitch Rapp who becomes a rookie in the ranks of the C.I.A.

The 25-year-old connects the accident he suffered from the character of Mitch Rapp and has stated that both he and the character go through similar injuries. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of "American Assassin" so they can finally know what the actor went through.

"American Assassin" is due to be released on September 14 of this year. This is the first film Dylan O' Brien will be in having moved on from his role of Stiles in "Teen Wolf." It appears that the actor has a very lucrative career in acting ahead of him.