"Something Stupid" singer Michael Buble and his wife Luisana Lopilato were finally relieved when their son Noah was declared healed from cancer after more than one year of medication. There is only one to whom they credit his healing – to God. As they are Christian, they call God "Jehovah Rophe," the God who heals, so Buble and his wife knew who to turn to.

Michael Buble and his wife gave thanks to God for son's healing

According to CBN News, the couple thanked God for their son's healing from cancer. The mother of two revealed that when things like what they have gone through happen, one's perspective on life and the present changes.

Luisana said that her son will soon be declared cancer-free and she believed that prayers compounded with the right medication led to her son's healing. When Buble and his wife discovered that their eldest son has the dreaded disease, they were devastated. The couple informed their family, friends, and fans on social media.

The "Nobody But Me" singer and his wife took a break from their respective careers just to be with their son as he went through the treatment. Buble has to be with his son all the time. Noah Buble was so young to undergo such a tedious and expensive treatment.

Buble cancelled all his upcoming gigs and missed his most anticipated appearance at the BBC Music Awards in December 2016.

The cancer-stricken boy took four months of chemotherapy to rid his body of the cell-damaging disease.

In December last year, the Buble family were hopeful that their son will totally recover. Noah was allowed by his doctors to spend the holidays with his family. In November, Lopilato expressed her thanksgiving to God for giving them physical and emotional strength to go through the difficult process of watching their son suffer.

Buble couple thanked all their supporters

The couple extended their gratitude to all those who have prayed and encouraged them throughout their ordeal. Now the couple were relieved to know that Noah has successfully moved on from that stage of fear and hopelessness. He is now in a state of bliss and the couple hopes that their son will not be taken away from them too soon.

All their efforts and prayers have been successful.

The Sun reported that Luisana and Michael Buble are now hopeful of a bright future for their son Noah and his brother Elias and they are excited to see their sons grow. The couple also acknowledged the support of their fans during their trying times. The overwhelming support of the fans helped the couple acquire strength.