'Men In Black' was released over 20 years ago. The movie was directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and has gained a cult following. The movie is about Agent K and Agent J who are two government agents. They protect the world from aliens and the movie contains elements of comedy and adventure. The director of 'Men in Black' has recently revealed that Chris O'Donnell was originally supposed to get the role of Agent J in the franchise.

Chris O'Donnell dissuaded for the role

According to Den of Geek, Chris O'Donnell was originally supposed to play Agent J. Director Barry Sonnenfeld has stated that Will Smith was not the first choice for the character.

Apparently, the studio had other ideas for one of the main characters of 'Men in Black'. Chris O'Donnell, who was well known for his role in 'Batman Forever' at the time, was the studio's first pick. However, Sonnenfeld was not sold on O'Donnell and believed that Will Smith would be a good actor for the role.

According to Pop Culture, Steven Spielberg wanted director Barry Sonnenfeld to go to a dinner with O'Donnell and convince him to be a part of the movie. Sonnenfeld reluctantly went to the dinner, however, the director chose to lie to the actor in an effort to give Will Smith a chance at the role. Barry admitted that he told O'Donnell that he was not a good director. He also said he didn't think that the movie had a good script.

The next day Chris O'Donnell told Sonnenfeld that he had no interest in the movie.

'Men in Black' has gained worldwide success

The movie franchise gained immense popularity after its release. A cult following developed around the 'Men in Black' franchise. The movie was made on a budget of $90 million and superseded this by earning over $600 million at the box office.

The first movie was succeeded by two more movies: 'Men in Black II' and 'Men in Black 3'. The latest of the 'Men in Black' franchise was released in 2012.

As to whether or not there will be another 'Men in Black' movie Sonnenfeld has expressed his interest. The director has stated that he would love to make another movie but he doesn't think that he would work on the next installment.

Sonnenfeld also said that he doubted that the original cast would be up for 'Men in Black 4'. However, he did say he'd love to see the world of 'Men in Black' explored upon with a whole new cast and crew.

Chris O'Donnell has not made a comment surrounding Sonnenfeld's statements. The director has openly said that Will Smith was the best choice for the movie and fans would strongly agree with this statement.

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