Rob Kardashian wants to be a loving husband to Blac Chyna and a loving father to his daughter, Dream, but it sounds like his partner is making things very difficult. Right from the beginning of their relationship, Rob has revealed that he has struggled with depression.

On "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," he has revealed that she took everything from their home, including all of Dream's things, and relocated to a new home - just to hurt him. Now, he's fighting back and things are getting dirty on Instagram.

According to a new Instagram post, Rob Kardashian is now calling out Chyna for cheating on him.

While he's sharing pictures of her in bed with another man and even revealing the face of the man she's cheating with, it's Rob's way of revealing her secrets that seem the most hurtful.

Clearly, Rob is hurt by her behavior so he's now sharing some of their secrets. Apparently, Chyna has been saying that she's gotten in shape after having Dream, but Rob is now revealing that he paid for her to have plastic surgery.

Is this just another chapter in the lives of Rob and Chyna?

Rob Kardashian opened up about the surgery on Instagram, revealing that he had paid for her to get surgery so she could shed the baby weight quicker. Apparently, this was a secret as he never told the world that he had paid for her surgery. Instead, this was something she had never revealed to anyone.

"Everyone wonders how Chyna lost all that weight after the baby and she lies to everyone but no I'm such a great Husband that on our anniversary I paid 100K to do this surgery to get all everything fixed as much as they could," he revealed on Instagram, sharing other posts about her cheating behavior.

Could he get custody of Dream?

It seems like Blac Chyna doesn't care about hurting Rob Kardashian.

While she was sending him messages to arouse him, she was also sleeping with another man - the same day. Rob has been calling her out on Instagram in posts that may soon be deleted. Kardashian has a tendency to call people out and then deleting the messages quickly after.

Twitter is currently going crazy over Rob's decision to suddenly call out his former partner for her behavior and he's now revealing that he doesn't care about her anymore.

He has also revealed that he had spent upwards of $250,000 on her just yesterday and then learned she was cheating on him.

What do you think of Rob Kardashian's decision to use Instagram to call her out? Are you surprised they are no longer getting along?

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