"Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4 had a rough start with the show being investigated for misconduct, but it didn't take long for it to get back on track. The cast returned to Mexico and it was business as usual. Reality Steve revealed in Wednesday's update that filming just completed. Several members of the cast are already back to social media, a sign that the show is relaxing more all the time on what contestants are leaking.

Details about upcoming 'BiP' season

A total of 14 days were taped -- 3 were prior to production being shut down -- and the remaining 11 were carried out when it resumed filming.

The previous seasons of "Bachelor in Paradise" took 18 days to tape and the competition lasted 4 days less this time around.

A reader asked if "Bachelor in Paradise" will premiere later than originally announced because production was halted for one week. Reality Steve wrote that although the show was supposed to premiere on August 8, he's hearing that it may not begin until Monday, August 14. That being said, one less episode may air for season 4, but he's not sure what the total number of episodes will be yet.

Steve added that he doubts three engagements will air on "BiP" again, but there should be at least one.

When it comes to the scandal involving Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson, Steve wrote that it'll be addressed, but he's unsure how it'll be brought up.

As for knowing the real story, he says we'll probably never know. Neither Corinne nor DeMario returned to the show.

Corinne returns to social media

DeMario feels vindicated since the investigation proved he did nothing wrong, but his reputation has taken a hit. Corinne will move on now that her attorney's own investigation is complete.

"The Bachelor" franchise is now a big part of her past. The Florida native has returned to social media, however. She took a selfie at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills and posted it to Instagram. The image was captioned it with a yellow flower emoji.

Steve thinks an "uptick" in the number of viewers will tune in for the premiere episode of "Bachelor in Paradise" just to see how the situation with Corinne and DeMario is handled if it's even brought up.

It's suspected to be a part of the show at some point, but whether it's on the first episode of season 4 is unknown.

Reality Steve says that some of the contestants expressed interest in an engagement by the time "BiP" season 4 concluded filming. Are you excited to watch the new season?