Marvel has seen some good reviews because of "Spider-man: Homecoming," but the comic book and film giant isn't resting its laurels on the big screen alone. Thanks to, Marvel fans have something to look forward again, this time on TV: an all-new live-action comedy superhero series, "Marvel's New warriors."

A new show featuring young superheroes

The show was produced via a partnership with Marvel and ABC Signature Studios, and to be broadcast on the aforementioned TV network, Freeform. According to online news site Deadline, the story will center on six young people who get to deal with the usual issues that being a teenager presents.

Except… they have superhuman abilities, so it's safe to say that this is not your typical high school fare.

The show has already got Milana Vayntrub (of "This Is Us" fame) to play Squirrel Girl, also known as Doreen Green. Her main superpower, as you may have guessed, is having the strength and agility of a squirrel, among other squirrel-like powers.

Besides this fan-favorite character, full character descriptions also gave us a taste of what to expect from the new show.

Meet the cast

Derek Theler will play Craig Hollis, a.k.a. Mister Immortal. He has the power of being immortal (obviously). Unfortunately, this also has the downside of him thinking that he does not need to "rush" getting into all that heroic stuff because he has all the time in the world.

Jeremy Tardy will portray Dwayne Taylor, also known as Night Thrasher. In the original comics, he has no "supernatural powers" to speak of, aside from being trained into a very skilled fighter. Still, he could be packing superpowers in the live-action series —perhaps something that utilizes electricity like the closest related character, Bandit.

Calum Worthy will be playing Speedball, a.k.a. Robbie Baldwin. His talents include trying to please people, a "misplaced sense of confidence," and creating balls of energy out of thin air and throwing them at the nearest target.

Matthew Moy plays Microbe, also known as Zack Smith. His power is that he can talk to germs. Not amazing, you say?

Well, Microbe could do some Sherlock-Holmes-like deductions on you and tell you where you've been, what you ate today, and other details. Except he doesn't do this by "deductive reasoning" like Holmes does; rather, the germs on your body spills the beans.

Last but not least, we got Kate Comer playing Debrii, a.k.a. Deborah Fields. She's described as a "low-level telekinetic," which means "she can move a paper cup." Pretty cute; perhaps she will have a character arc where she would develop her powers to Jean Grey levels?

"Marvel's New Warriors" will premiere on 2018, on Freeform.