The Season Finale of “Married at First Sight: Second Chances” came down to David Norton picking between Isabella and Tara. Viewers first saw Isabella get dumped by David, who claimed that he could not find what he was looking for in her. That excited many Ta-vid fans, who wanted to see David and Tara get married. Things looked good, as David raised Tara’s hopes by saying that he would love to get down on one knee and propose, but then dropped the bomb that he was just not there.

Upset, Tara informed David that you don’t say you love someone and then break up with them.

She called him fake and walked out the door. Fans felt her pain, as she sat down on a chair and let the tears fall. One of the producers consoled her by reminding her that she did everything right. Since that moment, Tara fans have been tweeting up a storm to show their support for the jilted star.

Tara tweets keep rolling in

The “Married at First Sight: Second Chances” Twitter page has been a venting board for David’s Norton’s decision. Said Penelope Mustard this past week, “How David handled Tara was so dirty! Why tell her he and Isabella broke up and she didn’t have to worry anymore, and then dump her?” Joe Guddemi tweeted, “Tara my new hero.”

Neil Bowlus, who co-starred on “Married at First Sight” (MAFS) with David last year had plenty to say about him.

Said Bowlus, “He didn’t want this, all he wanted to do was be a player. News flash: you need one redeeming quality to attempt this.”

Gigi Lala’s tweet seems to hit the nail on the head of what many fans feel is David’s issue with the words of, “David only wanted Melika. He doesn’t want love. He wants women who don’t him. Please don’t bring him back.”

Viewers watched David act like Ashley Doherty’s doormat last year when the two were married on MAFS.

Doherty acted disinterested for most of the show and did not feel attracted to David. This seemed to inspire him to want her more. They got divorced at the show’s end. History repeated itself this year when David chased Melika, who had problems answering why she liked him and rejected David when he asked her to live with him for a week.

That was when David blurted out an “I love you” and offered to sleep on the couch. David has shown a pattern of wanting what he cannot have and pushing away the women who desire him.

Why fans have Tara’s back

Tara was the favorite on the series. She had been friends with David in the past, but the timing never seemed to be right for them. However, Tara had liked him for a long time and decided to test her luck on the show. Fans rallied behind her, due to her genuineness, positivity, and sweetness. Throw in beautiful and the perfect wife for David seemed to be Tara. For him not to see that was frustrating for Ta-vid fans. With David, the nice girls usually finish last.

Tara is grateful for the Twitter support and is handling the break-up with dignity.

The star tweeted this past week, “Thank U all so much for your kind words they mean the world. Breakups R always hard, & rejection sucks! Looking forward to find real love.”

Good luck to you, Tara. Next week’s reunion show should answer some fan questions about Ta-vid and the rest of the cast.