The newlyweds on "Married at First Sight" must make a decision if they want to stay married or if they want a divorce. Their decisions will be shown on next week's finale. It hasn't been a smooth ride for any of the couples. All of them have had problems, and some couples have had more serious problems than others. So, which ones are expected to remain married and which ones will choose to call it quits?

Nate and Sheila

The experts suggested the couples go on a second honeymoon before the end of the social experiment. The goal behind this trip was to help them make their upcoming decision.

Only two couples decided to go in hopes of working out some of their problems, but Nate and Sheila decided not to go because of numerous recent arguments that have put them at odds with each other. Sheila has told Nate on more than one occasion that she wants to end the marriage. In fact, she packed her bags and moved out.

While staying back home in Chicago, Sheila and Nate were able to sit down and talk. Nate apologized and gave Shelia a love plant as a peace offering. At first, she acted as if she didn't care. Finally, she accepted his apology, and she apologized to him for the way she has been acting. So, will they agree to stay married? Sheila admitted that they are not going into decision day at their highest point.

She and Nate have said some terrible things to each other in heated arguments during the seven weeks.

Anthony and Ashley

Anthony and Ashley visited Starved Rock State Park for their second honeymoon. Even though this couple seems the most likely to stay together, Anthony told the camera he is not 100 percent sure that they should stay married.

He and Ashley seem to argue over some of the smallest things. They might reluctantly agree to stay married.

Cody and Danielle

Cody and Danielle took a trip to Milwaukee. They did not consummate their marriage on their first honeymoon and neither did they become intimate on the second one. They are the least likely to stay together.

Cody admits that he is afraid that, since he has not had sex with his wife after seven weeks, things might not ever change. He is thinking that it is probably time for them to call it quits. Viewers are tired of hearing the two of them explaining why they are not intimate as if they didn't know what marriage was all about before they said their vows at the altar. Fans of the show might be disappointed if they do stay married.

Watch Season 5 finale of "Married At First Sight" next Thursday at 8 pm. on the Lifetime network to find out what the three couples decide.