Mandy Moore is planning on making music again. The star of "This Is Us" is hoping to go back to recording to release a new album in the next two years.

Speaking with Glamour, Mandy Moore revealed that she hasn't stopped singing and writing songs even if she's currently doing TV.

"I live with a musician [Taylor Goldsmith], we sing together all the time, and music is a constant theme in my life," the actress said. But admittedly, Mandy Moore hasn't had an album release in eight years, and she acknowledged that it might be high time to get serious about going back to the studio to record new songs.

She gave us 'Candy'

Mandy Moore was a teen sensation in the late 90s whose hits included songs like "Candy" and "I Wanna Be With You." She told CBS News that she still hears her songs being played when she's at the grocery store or inside an elevator several years after the songs first hit the airwaves.

A comeback for Mandy Moore as a singer might also include a tour if her schedules will allow it. She told Glamour that she would definitely sing "Candy" on this tour with the live band but on the condition that she won't have to do those dance moves.

"Those [dancing] days are behind me," she said.

Singing on 'This is Us'

Mandy Moore's character on "This is Us," Rebecca Pearson, works as a singer. The actress admitted that she hoped creator Dan Fogelman would make her sing on the show because she wants to do a duet with her co-star Chrissy Metz, who plays her daughter Kate.

Rebecca and Kate's duet has not yet happened in the series, which will return for a second season on NBC in the fall. But the actress dished that the mother and daughter dynamics between their characters, which was shown to be strained in “This is Us” season 1, will have a resolution in season 2.

Could a song be a huge part of this resolution?

When the show ended last season, Kate planned on becoming a singer just like her mom after working as an assistant for years.

Meanwhile, Moore also hinted that filming for "This is Us" season 2 could soon be underway. She already got her script to the first episode, but some actors' copies were embargoed because of potential spoiler leaks.

Mandy Moore revealed that the only person who gets a complete copy of the scripts all the time is Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jack Pearson, Rebecca's husband. Ironically, it’s Jack’s character who dies on the show, but it’s Ventimiglia who is always first in the show’s call sheet.

This is Us” season 2 will premiere on Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 9:00 p.m. EDT on NBC.