Maddie Ziegler grew up right in front of everyone’s eyes, so many were shocked when they found out that the former “Dance Moms” star already has a boyfriend. Although “The Book of Henry” actress is currently enjoying a whirlwind romance with Jack Kelly for over seven months, the talented teen is the first one to admit that she’s still too young for love.

The “Ballerina” actress first ignited dating rumors when she posted a bathroom selfie with Jack Kelly back in January. Maddie Ziegler captioned the sweet snap with a purple heart and many of her fans quickly took that as a sign that she was indeed dating the Australian hottie.

Maddie enjoys romance with Jack Kelly but understands the limits

Although Maddie Ziegler never really talked about her boyfriend at the time, her and Jack Kelly’s social media posts were enough proof to confirm that they were in a romantic relationship. The pair has been sharing photos of them together and adding sweet messages on the snaps, but Maddie recently revealed that she's taking things slow with her beau.

"I would never want things to move too quick and plus I know I'm still 14, I'm still a child,” Maddie Ziegler shared to Entertainment Tonight. “But Jack is really great and I have a good time with him.”

Maddie Ziegler is clearly smitten with Jack Kelly and she is always smiling when talking about her boyfriend.

However, the 14-year-old dancer, actress, model, and businesswoman would rather not talk about Abby Lee Miller or say nothing but bad things about her.

Maddie wants nothing to do with former 'Dance Moms' mentor

In the same interview, Maddie Ziegler was also asked if she was still in contact with the famously tough dance teacher, and she quickly said “no.” When asked if she was surprised with Abby Lee Miller’s fraud and money laundering cases, Maddie opted not to say anything about her former mentor at all.

It can be recalled that Maddie Ziegler and the 50-year-old dance instructor and choreographer used to be close. However, their teacher-student relationship suddenly changed when “The Book of Henry” actress and her younger sister Mackenzie Ziegler decided to quit “Dance Moms” to focus on their individual careers outside the Lifetime show.

Now, Maddie Ziegler has noted that she is a lot happier after leaving the reality dance television series even though the hit show catapulted her to stardom. The star has since expanded her brand and is now one of the most promising stars in Hollywood.