Luciferseason 3 will be back with 22 new episodes this coming fall. Aside from the usual number of the show’s chapters, additional four installments will be added from the television series’ previous season.

The second season of the fantasy police procedural comedy-drama was originally renewed to only have 13 episodes, but it got a “back nine” order. However, it could only air 18 episodes that time, thus the next chapter will have a total of 26 installments.

Additional four-episode arc

In a Twitter post, the show’s executive producer Joe Henderson said that they first designed the previous season to be an “18-episode arc,” but they were surprised to receive four more chapters.

Hence, he decided to make the additional four installments to play around the show’s story that will dig deeper into its characters’ tales. “Play with format [sic] a bit, etc,” he said.

The additional episodes will be called “standalone character studies” that will be revealed at the start of “Lucifer” season 3. The four chapters have stories that can stand on their own, but the storylines are also connected to the show’s story. It is also set to bring in new twists that will be linked in the upcoming third season. With a total of 26 episodes, the television series is expected to stay on the air for about half a year.

Ellis drops major spoilers

Moreover, in an interview with DC All-Access's Jason Inman, Tom Ellis, who plays the titular character Lucifer Morningstar, talked about the coming of “Lucifer” season 3.

The 38-year-old actor teased that his role is going to meet a new character that will be his enemy. The latest adversary is going to put him on a test. There is also a big possibility that a couple of his family members will walk back on earth.

Of course, fans might even see more of God Johnson. The character played by Timothy Omundson thinks that he is the real God that makes Lucifer confused about his real identity.

He is not sure if he is actually his father or just pretending to be.

Additionally, the television series will be back filming in Los Angeles and Tom Ellis revealed that they are now thinking about how to give emphasis to its original location. To recall, this is where he gives up Hell.

First episode synopsis

Moreover, "Lucifer" Season 3's premiere episode synopsis is now revealed via the coming San Diego Comic-Con 2017.

Here, fans are about to see Lucifer back in San Diego doing the things he usually does to "heat things up." The previous season finale left fans wondering how did he manage to get his wings back. Now, all the viewers' questions will be answered in the return of the television series' third chapter on Oct. 2 at 8 p.m. on FOX