Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez celebrated their birthdays in one elegant party last Saturday, July 22. Photos and videos showing the highlights of the party are now circulating the web, showing how deeply in love the couple is with each other. Love, kisses, hugs, and sweet posts abound in the grand birthday bash.

What made the party glamorous?

The “Shades of Blue” star is turning 48 today, July 24. Whereas, her beau, will turn 42 on Thursday, July 27. The couple decided to throw an early joint Birthday Party in Miami last Saturday.


The former New York Yankees took to his official Twitter account a selfie of himself and JLo in the party. The two look sassy in their outfits. The latter wore a super sexy semi-see-through black dress, where only the private parts are hidden with a black velvet cloth design. Rodriguez looks very chic with his blue suit.

An Instagram user jlovibes has posted more photos detailing the outfit of JLo. As the actress is shown in various angles, it can be noticed that she is barely naked, without any inner garments.

ELEGANT CAKES. The gigantic cakes also added glitz to the joint celebration.

In a video posted by stejlover on Instagram, the couple can be seen standing behind each of their tall fondant cakes. They can also be seen locking lips after the birthday greetings.

In addition, the same Instagram user has posted a picture of the two cakes in full view. According to the post, the cakes were done by Divine Delicacies Cakes.

The couple had fun in the party!

A second clip shows the couple took time out to dance with their friends as well. The singer can be seen showing off her sexy dancing skills with her boyfriend. In another video, she also tried to do some dancing with umbrella tricks.

The “Maid in Manhattan” star also gamely played with her friends in the party.

In one clip, she can be seen acting as a conga drum, where Benny Medina, CEO of The Medina Company, is hitting her butt alternately with a real conga. In an earlier post, a clip details that the actress also played the conga before she made fun of her butt as a drum.

Love abounds in the party!

In another Instagram post of jlovibes, a clip shows how deeply in-love the couple is. The short video shows the exchange of passionate kisses while the couple was standing at the party, surrounded by guests.

More videos of the party show how inseparable Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are. They look very happy and we know they both deserve the love they are getting now.