From the very first episode titled "Couples Retreat: Trouble in Paradise," there is never a dull moment from the women and their partners. After getting engaged to Kerwin on "Little Women: LA," Tonya decided to organize a retreat to Puerto Rico, and before long there are seven couples attending. During the retreat, the couples will not only learn a lot about each other, but they will also learn quite a bit about the other couples as well.

The women and their partners have high hopes for changing and nurturing their relationships

This will undoubtedly lead to a lot of tension and drama among the group.

Those attending are Briana and Matt, Tonya and Kerwin, and Christy and Todd from "Little Women: LA." They will be joined by the Tiny Twinz Andrea and Amanda, and their boyfriends Chris and Jordan from the Atlanta show. Lila and Brian, and Jazim and David from "Little Women: New York" will also be a part of "Couples Retreat."

Fans know that there is a lot of drama and tension on each show, and according to a sneak-peek video clip provided by TMZ, that isn't about to change. In the clip, Lila repeatedly hurls a racial slur at Tonya while the rest of the group looks on in stunned silence.

Tonya warns her, and when Lila doesn't stop, Tonya grabs her chair and slams Lila to the ground. Production told TMZ that Lila suffered a minor head injury and ended up being hospitalized while filming in Puerto Rico.

Working on their relationships may lead to great success or to bitter failure

Relationship guide Hasani Pettiford will have his hands full as he works with the couples to help them confront and work through their issues.

Hopefully by spending some quality time in paradise, specifically the El Conquistador in Puerto Rico, with their significant other while participating in "adventurous excursions" is exactly what each couple needs in order to strengthen and build their relationships. The couples will also participate in yoga classes, body painting, smacking piñatas around, and enjoying water activities.

There's even a little twerking going on for good measure. Whether the couples are able to leave as better individuals remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain, there will be more incidents and more drama.

Are you a fan of the Little Women shows and are you planning to watch this spinoff show? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. "Couples Retreat" premieres tonight at 9 pm. on Lifetime.