41-year old "Linkin Park" lead singer Chester Bennington was found dead in his house at Palos Verdes Estates, Los Angeles around 9 AM on June 20. Los Angeles authorities said that the singer died from hanging. Although authorities have already confirmed it, the coroner and the fire department said that it is still under investigation and the cause of his death is not confirmed yet. His wife Jamie Bennington and his six children were said to be out of town when the incident happened, Heavy.com reported.

Bennington said he lived a 'trouble life'

For many years, Bennington was believed to be fighting with alcohol and drug addiction.

In his past interviews, the singer has admitted he lived a "troubled life." The Linkin Park singer has admitted also he was molested by an unknown adult when he was seven years old. In an interview with The Guardian, he said that "being molested and pretty much raped was no fun. No one wants that to happen to you, and honestly, I don't know even know when it started."

Chester Bennington started his career by joining numerous bands until he became popular when his band "Linkin Park" became notable. For 21 years in the music industry, he was the head lyricist of the most songs of the band. Bennington and his bandmates were able to produce top grossing albums and achieved several nominations for Grammy award.

The band had also worked and collaborated with famous artists like Jay-Z.

Linkin Park’s songs are mixed with different genres including rock, hip hop styles and produced new versions of songs by mixing two or more genres into one. They have traveled the world for their different concerts and country tours which made them one of the most wanted artists to watch for.

Bennington death came on the day of Chris Cornell’s birthday

Many have linked the death of Bennington to that of his late friend Chris Cornell., which happened on the day of his Chris' birthday. Chris Cornell was the lead singer of Soundgarden and he also killed himself in May by hanging. Bennington performed a soulful song of "Hallelujah" during his wake.

Though the band's success and accomplishments made him famous and rich, still Bennington was not able to endure his emotional struggle and pain. Numerous fans and friends have expressed their grief for what happened to Bennington. Artists like Black Veil Brides, One Republic, and his band mates expressed their condolences on their twitter updates.