Liam Payne threw the mother of his son a birthday party a few days ago. Cheryl Cole was treated to a homely birthday surrounded by family and friends. Payne wanted to make memories with Cheryl as he stated that she has everything he could want in the world. He threw, the now 34-year-old, a garden party that she thoroughly enjoyed.

Liam Payne goes above and beyond for Cheryl

The former "One Direction" member decided to treat girlfriend Cheryl Cole to a birthday garden party. According to the Mail Online, Liam made a public statement saying that there was no point buying Cheryl a gift as she had everything she could possibly want.

Instead, the star's boyfriend decided to throw her a party for her 34th birthday. He threw the party in their own garden keeping a comfortable atmosphere.

Payne went to great efforts to create a birthday to remember. He decorated the little woodland setting with streamers, bouquets and bird cages. A long table was set up in the garden with both pink and blue glasses for the guests. Payne also made sure to set up some lights for when the sun set. The party was not a surprise to the 34-year-old mother of one. Cheryl was well aware that Liam was planning something special for her.

Liam Payne gushed about wanting to do something special for the mother of his child. The star saw the party as an opportunity to celebrate Cheryl.

Liam has stated that Cheryl has been part of some of the most important moments of his life and he wanted to create a memorable moment for her in return.

Cheryl celebrated with friends and family

Many of Cheryl Cole's friends and family came to celebrate her birthday. Friends such as Nicola Roberts and Reggie N Bollie were in attendance.

Cheryl coached Reggie N Bollie during their time on the X-Factor in 2015. Fans are delighted that the pair has remained close. The party was a small get together but Liam Payne invited everyone close to girlfriend Cheryl.

They took to social media to show off Payne's efforts for his girlfriend. Friends shared images of the event to their fans on social media.

They showed off the elaborate set-up, the quirky decorations, and the birthday girl, of course. Even Cheryl got into the spirit of things and posted a selfie on SnapChat with the bunny filter.

The pair has received a lot of media attention since the birth of their son Bear in March. The couple has been adjusting to being parents and has been in the media's eye as they take care of Bear.

Payne stated that he wanted his girlfriend to experience something really special. It is safe to say that the "Strip That Down" singer achieved just that. The party ended with a viewing of hit summer show ITV2's "Love Island". Cheryl is said to have thoroughly enjoyed the special birthday treat.