"Big Brother 19" spoilers predict a shocking Veto Ceremony on Sunday (July 2). Head of Household Cody Nickson is about to turn the "BB19" house upside down and give fans watching the live feeds something to talk about. When it comes to bold gameplay, having an HOH make a huge move in the first week is something that jury voters remember when it comes time to award that $500,000 prize.

What will transpire at the Veto Ceremony began when Cody Nickson revealed his original choices for nominees. Cody went with Megan Lowder and Jillian Parker as his targets but had been stating in Diary Room sessions, as well as when he was with close allies (like Mark Jansen), that he would like to get Paul Abrahamian out of the "BB19" house as quickly as possible.

These latest "Big Brother 19" spoilers might indicate that he is close to putting that plan into action.

How will the Power of Veto get used?

In order to understand how the Power of Veto is going to get used, it's important to reference some previous "Big Brother 19" spoilers. First, Megan Lowder decided to self-evict herself from the "BB19" house, joining Cameron Heard as evictees from summer 2017. This meant that, as the Head of Household, Cody Nickson had to name a replacement nominee. Cody nominated Alex Ow, putting her on the eviction block next to Jillian Parker.

The Veto results made everything in the house interesting, as nominee Alex Ow grabbed the Power of Veto. Now Alex wants to use the power and Cody wants to put a backdoor plan into action.

Over the weekend, three names have come up as possible nominations after Alex uses the Veto to save Jillian. The possibilities are Jason Dent (who Alex suggested), Paul Abrahamian (who Cody wants out of the game), and Christmas Abbott (who many houseguests suspect is a target).

When will these 'Big Brother 19' rumors get confirmed?

There has been a lot of chatter on social media and fan sites that the Veto Ceremony will indeed take place on Sunday and that it is going to lead to a very shocked nominee going up on the block. That will immediately give the live feed subscribers some shocking "Big Brother 19" spoilers to round out the weekend.

The footage won't get seen by CBS viewers until the Wednesday night episode (July 5), but it will certainly shake up the "BB19" house.

It's always possible that Cody Nickson could be using Alex Ow as a pawn this week with the intent to use his alliance to vote her out as well. That's yet another scenario that will make this a possibly game-changing Veto Ceremony. If Paul Abrahamian or Christmas Abbott get nominated, it would be shocking to see either one leave the "BB19" house this early in the season. That could be the case in just a matter of hours, providing more "Big Brother 19" spoilers on what has already been a very busy week in the game.