Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were once the talks of the town because of their portrayal of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen in the blockbuster "Twilight" movie saga. After the actress’ intimate photos with her "Snowwhite and The Huntsman" movie director Rupert Sanders were leaked online, her live-in boyfriend Pattinson decided to part his ways.

Ever since then, the movie actress has been linked with other girls from tinsel town but there are reports that suggest that her latest affair with Victoria Secret Model Stella Maxwell is getting more serious with each passing day.

Earlier today, the model uploaded a picture of herself snuggling a cute dog and it shows how serious their relationship is despite all the rumors and speculations.

Kristen Stewart Lesbian Romance Spree

The “American Ultra” movie actress amazed everyone when she came out as a lesbian. Her fans were baffled as they were hoping that sooner or later Robert would forgive her and they both would get back together. However, after some leaked images it was confirmed to the fans that Kristen was romantically involved with her personal assistant Alicia Cargile.

However, the affair with Cargile did not last long as OK! magazine recently reported that Kristen and Miley Cyrus ex-girlfriend Stella have decided to move in together at the actress’ four-bedroom apartment in L.A.

The report further claimed that the star has reportedly decided to marry her before the end of this year.

Gossip Cop, however, debunked the OK! Magazine’s claims that the new couple has decided to marry. After confirming from the star’s representatives, Gossip Cop reported that Kristen is not in any hurry to marry anyone as she is deeply involved with her film projects, but the reports of them living together are in fact true.

Kristen’s mother Jules Mann approves of her daughter being a lesbian

Back when Kristen was involved with Cargile, her mother Jules Mann-Stewart told The Mirror that she has met her daughter’s girlfriend and found her to be a very lovely girl.

The 57-year-old Mann told the publication outlet that her daughter is apparently very happy and it is all that matters to her.

She further added that she has accepted the fact that her daughter loves both women and men. Mann went on to explain that as everyone is free to choose their friends they all are allowed to choose their love partners.

Kristen’s mother did not reveal anything recently about her take on Stella. But from the looks of her earlier interview, it looks like she will give her blessings if in future the couple decides to get married.

But a recent report from OK! suggest that Kristen's mother is not happy with Stella as she thinks that the Victoria Secret Model is a bad influence on her daughter and does not wish her daughter to continue with this relationship. That being said, as Inquisitr reported, Kristen and Stella recently rescued a dog and adopted him.

The recently uploaded picture on Stella's Instagram shows that the couple is happy with their relationship and it seems like the actress' mother has no objection with the ongoing affair.

Kristen Stewart is romantically involved with Stella Maxwell but her representatives have yet to confirm the claims of the news suggesting a near marriage.