Kate Hudson has finally shaved off her golden hair as she prepares for an upcoming role with Sia. The 38-year old actress was currently spotted in Los Angeles on Tuesday while working on the set with Sia for their secret project. According to Entertainment Tonight, the young actress looked very stunning as she sported her newest look. Apparently, the Oscar-nominated actress appeared to be looking like a badass with her new hair style.

Further, it was also reported that Hudson and Sia had been into lunch meetings recently. This lead fans speculating that both of them were preparing for a huge project that is slated to happen really soon.

New role in a musical project

The 38-year old actress was reportedly preparing for an upcoming role in a musical project. Hence, her hair has to be cut short for the meantime. As Hudson stepped out in public with her new look, her fans couldn't help but be stunned by the way she looked like. Perhaps, no one would ever expect that the actress will certainly shave off her golden hair. Nevertheless, it still appeared gorgeous on her.

Basically, Hudson was the first actress to have shaved her head off for an upcoming role. Some other personalities like Kristen Stewart and Carla Delevigne may have cut their hair short but it wasn't intended for a certain role.

Perhaps, Hudson gained lots of praises from what she did. Moreover, everyone has been excited about the upcoming project that she is slated to work with Sia.

New look

Earlier this month, the Oscar-nominated actress has shared some hints of her upcoming project on the social media. To recall, Hudson took a photo of her while she was doing her dance rehearsal for a certain musical.

Since then, fans couldn't help but speculate that the actress has been into a new role.

Hudson has also shared a photo of her together with the dancing muse, Maddie Ziegler. Hence, this continued to spark the speculations that the actress is apparently taking a new show. As she shared her new look in the public, Hudson received both praises and reactions from her followers.

Nevertheless, most of her fans now looked forward to the upcoming role that she has been secretly working on. Everyone simply couldn't wait to see Hudson as she takes on her New Project with a shaved head. As of the meantime, the actress has kept herself mum over the details of the show.

Meanwhile, Sia, Hudson's partner for the project, was also spotted sporting a wig in order to cover her head. Perhaps, both personalities may have preferred to shave their head for their upcoming roles.