Many of Justin Bieber's fans were extremely disappointed to hear that the star canceled the rest of his tour. It has been confirmed that the tickets will be refunded to those whose leg of the Purpose Tour had been canceled. The singer took to social media to tell fans that the tour was canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. According to The Sun, he also revealed that he was exhausted after spending a long 18 months touring around the world. It is clear that the singer needs to spend some time recovering from touring. However, Rumors have surfaced stating that Bieber canceled the tour in order to set up his own church.

Rumors about Bieber setting up his own church

According to the Sun, it is rumored that the singer canceled the rest of his tour so that he could set up his own church. The rumor has been circulating around the internet over the past few days as many of his fans have been sharing it through social media. A source close to the singer is rumored to have started this false report. They made a statement in which they claimed that he decided to stop touring so that he can reconnect with his own faith.

The source, who has not been identified, went on to state that Bieber is thinking of starting his own church. According to reporter Richard Wilkins, the source then went on to elaborate. The individual also stated that Justin had been visiting the Hillsong Church convention, and the source believes that this is where Bieber's desire to reconnect with his faith came from.

The individual's identity has not been revealed and this raises a question over the truth behind their statements. There has been no confirmation that this person is, in fact, a friend of Bieber's. These rumors can only be taken as speculation at best.

The singer has denied these claims

According to Uproxx, Justin Bieber was asked if the rumors were true and if he intended to set up his own church.

The singer appeared momentarily confused and denied the claim, twice. Bieber then told reporters that they knew why he had canceled the last 14 dates of his tour. The singer's representative took to social media and stated that Bieber loved his fans and that the decision to cancel the rest of the tour was a very difficult one to make.

The celebrity also posted his own message on social media, stating that he was utterly exhausted from being on the road so long. He apologized to his fans for having to cancel the tour but is making his health his number one priority.