Media claims that #Justin Bieber did not perform well during his Hyde Park concert at the British Summer Time festival (BST) in London. Recent reports suggest that the singer actually botched his entire concert as he was not interested in singing and performing for the live audience.

During the recently held British Summer Time festival, Justin Bieber performed in front of a 50,000-strong crowd. The Fake news outlets maliciously shared the verdict that the “Never Say Never” singer deliberately underperformed his performance.

Justin Bieber had a fever during the concert:

According to BBC’s latest report, in spite of having a bad cold, the singer-musician delivered a punctual, good-natured, and solid performance in front of the gathered crowd.

The publication described Justin Bieber’s performance as “top-notch,” and the concert was so good that Selena Gomez’s ex-boyfriend did not leave any stone unturned to please the Beliebers.

Another report claimed that Bieber, who rose to fame after his single “Baby,” gave an entertaining pop performance. The report claimed that 50,000 fans of Justin seemed more than happy as they streamed out of the Hyde Park at the end of the evening.

Irrespective of this, there were several reports claiming that Justin Bieber baffled the crowd and even accidentally shoves vapor rub up to his nose.

Several British tabloids also mocked the singer for trying to joke with the crowd while feeling under the weather. Having said that, it is totally understandable that a sore throat makes it very difficult to sing.

So, just for his fans, the Canadian singer sang and it shows how much he is dedicated towards his Beliebers.

Justin Bieber and Selene Gomez’s new song is heartbreaking:

Fans of Justin and Selene, who always rooted for their relationship, were amazed to know that when the former couple was in a serious relationship, they both recorded a duet. The duet that supposedly comes from Bieber and Gomez, “Can’t Steal Our Love,” recently materialized online in June.

As reported by MTV UK, the released secret duet is a pop ballad with a mid-tempo beat. The voice that appears to be Selena’s sings sadly about the challenges she faces in her relationship, apparently when she was madly in love with Justin. The sources even speculated that Selena and Justin created and recorded the song between 2013 to 2014 when they both were in a serious relationship.

As of now, the alleged duet has vanished, fans on Twitter started a trend asking for more future collaboration between the former lovebirds.

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